Shoe shine machines

When you use a shoe shining machine or shoe scraper, you'll keep your business hygienically clean. Dust particles, dirt residue and all kinds of lubricants stick to work shoes and soles particularly stubbornly. This is how to satisfy existing regulations!

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    Shoe shining machines and sole cleaning machines – dirt traps with a talent for cleanliness

    Dirt and contamination often find their way in by stealth. In the workshop, this is literally true. A shoe polishing machine or boot scraper machine for businesses allows you to deal with this challenge with ease.

    Where should shoe shining or sole cleaning machines be installed in the company?

    This question is easily answered: Wherever dirt from one area must not, or should not, be taken into another area. And wherever you want to provide visitors or employees with a high-tech solution for the everyday chore of shoe care.

    A sole cleaning machine in the airlock area of a production plant that must not be contaminated with germs or dirt is indispensable. The airlock model enables hygiene routines to be completed in an organised way. Hands can be disinfected at the same time as well.

    In addition, install a boot cleaning machine for work shoes wherever your employees come from particularly dirty areas, such as a construction site, and go to the social room or the warehouse.

    Which shoe shining machines are there and how do they work?

    A shoe shining machine that operates using dry cleaning features automatically rotating brushes that mechanically remove dry dirt and dust from surfaces and soles. In doing so, they clean shoes gently and keep the removed dirt in collecting trays. Depending on the model, liquid polishing agents can be applied to the shoes, which clean and polish the leather in more or less one work step. The dry cleaning function by sole cleaning machines is designed for intensive use – for example when changing shifts in large production facilities – and is operated by quiet running motors.

    For decontamination and hygienic industrial cleaning, shoe shining machines with a water connection are the ideal choice. They are available as a cleaning station with firm brushes and a water connection for a hand brush, or can automate the entire cleaning process as a precisely controllable cleaning station. Not only do they operate particularly thoroughly, they can also apply the necessary disinfectants in a single work step.

    For the optimum selection of a shoe shining machine from brands such as CEMO, taking a look at the applicable hygiene regulations and the degree of soiling of the respective company area is recommended.

    Which shoe care products can be used for shoe shining machines?

    Dry cleaning machines for leather shoes can be equipped to use liquid shoe polish, which you can also find in our range of industrial cleaning agents. The formula is perfectly adapted to use with the machine's nozzles and brushes.

    Wet and cleaning station models are also equipped to use the appropriate cleaners. Their formulation and effect should always be based on the type of dirt to be removed by the shoe and boot cleaning machine, and the hygiene standards to be observed. Of course, the question of which shoe and sole material has to be cleaned is also important.

    What do I have to consider when choosing and setting up?

    Sole cleaning machines and shoe shining machines need electricity, and sometimes they need a nearby water connection. They should be set up where they are easily accessible and be part of routine hygiene checks.

    When drying machines are used, entrance matting also helps to keep the area leading to and from the machine clean. And if you have any other questions, we are of course happy to help you at any time.

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