Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are an incredibly useful form of materials handling equipment. They can be used to move and lift small and large quantities of light and heavy goods. Our selection of pallet lift trucks has something for everyone, with many different options to choose from, including pallet trucks with scales, extra long fork lengths, and load capacities of up to 5,000 kg. As leading pallet fork truck suppliers, we’re always on hand to help you find a pallet truck that meets your specific requirements.

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Pallet fork lift trucks for effective storage logistics

When large stackers aren’t the best option, pallet lift trucks can be more convenient due to the fact that they are manoeuvrable, more compact, and extremely versatile.

As a business owner, you need to make sure your working environment is well-equipped with a fleet of pallet trucks that meet a number of important criteria; they need to be built to the highest standards in order to fulfil their purpose and perform; they need to be safe, conforming to all the relevant legislations; and they need to be priced reasonably, catering to different budgets.

Luckily, our range of pallet lift trucks has everything you need. Our trucks are high-spec and durable, designed to carry out important lifting and transporting tasks in the workplace for many years. With various designs, capacities, sizes, and features, our pallet trucks guarantee improved safety, control, and productivity.

Training to operate a pallet truck

Receiving appropriate training is crucial if you’re using any type of materials handling equipment and the pallet lifting truck is no exception. Anyone who operates a pallet truck must undergo training. As a business owner and employer, it’s your responsibility to provide this training for your staff to ensure they have the skills to operate it confidently, safely, and efficiently.

How to select the right wheels for a fork lift truck

When talking about pallet truck castors, it’s important to focus on two things: the steering wheels, which are important for manoeuvrability and the load or fork castors, which bear the weight at the front of the forks and must transfer it into a fluid rolling movement.

Just like all the castors and wheels we have to offer, it’s important that your pallet truck castors are right for your working environment and suitable for transporting the goods. Considering characteristics, such as diameter, maximum load, and installation length is important, as well as the material itself:

Polyurethane is a material best suited to delicate floors and is particularly quiet.

Nylon, a versatile alternative to steel, can withstand impact and is shockproof, unbreakable, and temperature-resistant.

Steel is the best choice for loads, which are exceptionally heavy.

Solid rubber is used for the steering wheels and is quiet, inexpensive, and easy to manoeuvre.

Using pallet fork trucks in oily workspaces

When working and operating in oily environments, operational safety is an issue. As well as this, the oils can affect castors made with certain materials over time. When using a pallet truck in oily workspaces, you should opt for castors, wheels or rollers made of polyurethane, which is resistant to oil and many types of acids and alkalis.

How to ensure your pallet lift trucks run smoothly

Hydraulic oils, which conform to DIN 51524, can be used to maintain the performance of your pallet fork trucks. However, you must pay special attention to the temperature range stated, which differs according to the oil.

For advice or guidance on how to find the right pallet lift trucks for your company’s fleet, get in touch with us.