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Anyone who has to move large quantities of goods or heavy pallets over short stretches won't be able to avoid forklift trucks or pallet trucks for ever. However, when frequent bending and heavy lifting are involved, then height-lift pallet trucks are the best solution. Regardless of which heavy duty logistical challenges and peak performances are expected, we have the right product for you.

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Fork lift trucks: the best idea for effective storage logistics

Is a large stacker always needed to move goods or put them in racks? There is a more flexible way. You can also use fork lift trucks where many stackers have to throw in the towel. Because they are more manoeuvrable, more compact and extremely versatile.

The fork lift truck: who invented it?

The idea of a lift truck was probably already conceived when the Swede Ivan Lundquist founded his company BT and registered the patent in 1948 for the fork lift truck that has changed little today. Although it is not exactly clear who first had the idea.

This is how to select the right wheels for a fork lift truck

When we talk about pallet truck castors, we mean two different categories: on the one hand, the steering wheels that are mainly important for manoeuvrability. And on the other, the load or fork castors that take the actual weight at the front of the forks and must transfer it into a fluid rolling movement.

Just like all the castors we have to offer, you need to match these vital accessory parts exactly to the items transported and to the working environment. This applies not only to characteristics such as diameter, max. load and installation length, that you will find on the respective product page. The material is also exceptionally important:

  • Polyurethane is suitable for delicate floors and is particularly quiet running. Nylon is valued especially as an impact and shock proof, unbreakable and temperature resistant material. This material has also proven itself as a versatile alternative to steel for heavy duty models.

  • Steel is called for when loads are exceptionally heavy.

  • Solid rubber is used for the steering wheels; it is quiet, inexpensive and easy to manoeuvre.

What fork lift trucks do I use in oily working environments?

Oily surroundings are not only a challenge for operational safety. Oils can also attack many materials in the long run. Because the wheels or rollers of a pallet truck are particularly important, you should opt for products made of polyurethane that is also resistant to many types of acids and alkalis.

What oil is used in the hydraulics of fork lift trucks?

You can ensure fork lift trucks operate smoothly using hydraulic oils that conform to DIN 51524. However, you must pay special attention to the temperature range stated which differs according to the oil.

We would also be pleased to advise you on any other aspects and our products for storage facilities. You can get in contact with us at any time.

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