UPLINER K: rethinking ergonomics

Ergonomics now play a key role when it comes to office furnishings. Make it easy for yourself and choose height adjustable desks from the UPLINER K series.

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    What makes the UPLINER K office furniture series unique?

    Along with office chairs, desks are the most important element of office furnishings that promote health – but they are often overlooked. UPLINER K offers height adjustable desks that adapt to the right working position with the same flexibility as the chair.

    Employees should not only spend their day at work seated, but should stand up regularly. Standing is a good way to make phone calls, to hold meetings or to work out concepts – as long as the desk moves with them.

    Electrically height adjustable desks such as the Upliner 2.0 make it particularly convenient to change position. The familiar workstation at which employees sit can be transformed into a standing workstation at the touch of a button. Uncompromising quality in materials and workmanship as well as stylish finishes included.

    How do I make my office concept more ergonomic with UPLINER K?

    The combination of an ergonomic chair and desk is the fulcrum around which all other office furniture revolves. All the other items of office furniture – from shelf units to mobile drawer units – are dictated by them. Leave enough space for the actual workplace. Make sure that your employees can use the UPLINER desk from all sides. This pays off during meetings and project work.

    With technical innovations such as a height memory function in the 2.0 model, you can ensure that your employees can set the position that is optimal for them without fuss. It will also increase their willingness to change position, along with minimising the time needed to reconfigure the workplace.

    Of course, you also coordinate the products from our office furniture series with the appearance of the desk. Shelves or mobile drawer units in the same finish as the desk top create a harmonious working environment.

    This harmony is what characterises the products available in our shop. We offer scaled series with which you can furnish your entire office, while keeping an eye on the effect and budget at the same time.

    Read more about this in the Guide to the electrically height adjustable Upliner desk 2.0. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.