Recycling bins

Even rubbish is worth something when you correctly collect and sort recyclables. Our recycle bins and waste separators feature sorting systems with enough storage capacity make recycling easy for anyone. Shop online at KAISER+KRAFT to find sturdy frames to attach bin liners, push top collection containers and sealed inner containers.

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Recycling bins and waste separators that comply with waste disposal regulations

One bin for everything is never enough. Recycling bins from KAISER+KRAFT provide your company with ideal solutions for waste disposal that saves resources and complies with regulations. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, in the office or warehouse, you'll find that we have the right containers to help you become an expert at recycling.

Effortless rubbish separation using waste separators

Separating waste needs to be as easy as possible. This is why our practical recycling bins provide functions like foot pedal mechanism, a swing lid, and an opening positioned at an ergonomic height. Moreover, with different colored lids it is immediately clear which container the paper, plastic, glass or organic waste belongs in so the recycling process becomes streamlined and efficient. KAISER+KRAFT collection bins takes the sorting process one step further with special-shaped openings that prevent the wrong rubbish from landing in the wrong container.

Add flexibility to your recycling practices when you combine individual containers to cater to your needs and preferences. Alternatively, KAISER + KRAFT offers an all-in-one recycling bin system. You can purchase complete collection stations from us for compact stand-alone solutions. Depending on the model, our recyclable waste collectors provide an attachment for waste liners or a removable inner bin. This ensures that emptying the bins are just as convenient as filling them.

Impact resistant, easy care, flame extinguishing containers for indoor and outdoor use

To ensure that waste can be separated in any situation and under any conditions, you'll find recyclable waste collectors and waste separators at KAISER+KRAFT that remain reliable even under adverse outdoor conditions. Our outdoor bins are flame extinguishing, impact resistant and odour retardant. Our recyclable waste collectors and waste separators are highly presentable with cutting edge ILM technology that creates an elegant metallic resistant to dents and fingerprints.

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