Recycling bins

A convenient system for the separation of waste: recyclable waste collectors allow recyclable materials such as glass, paper, secondary packaging or even biological waste to be disposed of separately. From the sturdy frame for waste sacks to the waste separator with a four-compartment collection container, access flap and sealed inner container, you will find everything you need for separating waste at your company at kaiserkraft – and for more sustainability.

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    Recyclable waste collectors for regulation-compliant waste disposal

    If all the company's waste ends up in one and the same bin, then the company is not being particularly sustainable. Recyclable waste collectors provide are the solution to this. They are the prerequisite for resource-saving and regulation-compliant waste disposal throughout the company. Whether for indoors or outdoors, for the office or for the warehouse: our wide range of recyclable waste containers is sure to include a model suitable for making recycling at the company a sure success.

    Straightforward waste separation – with a waste separator

    Boasting practical features such as a pedal mechanism, swing lid or deposit slot at an ergonomic height, the recyclable waste collectors make waste separation particularly easy. Lids in different colours also indicate the bin into which paper, plastic, glass or organic waste should be placed. To prevent waste from accidentally landing in the wrong container, you'll find we also top units with special insert openings.

    From individual containers for paper, residual waste or plastic to compact combination solutions such as recyclable waste collectors with a three-compartment collection station, we have all sorts of different models for you. Depending on the model chosen, our recyclable waste collectors feature an attachment for waste sacks or an inner container that can be removed. This ensures that emptying the containers is just as easy convenient as filling them.

    Recyclable waste collectors for indoors and outdoors

    The waste separators from kaiserkraft are made of different materials. While models made of robust plastic are intended for indoor use, recyclable waste collectors made of stainless steel are suitable for use as waste separation systems both indoors and outdoors.

    The models made of zinc plated steel extinguish flames, withstand impacts and inhibit odours. They also have an appealing design: recyclable waste collectors made using modern IML technology come in an attractive metallic finish and are resistant to denting and fingerprints.

    If you're not sure whether individual recyclable waste collectors or compact waste separation systems are the right solution for your company, then simply get in touch with us! Our friendly service team will be happy to help you.

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