Electric saws are a cut above the rest – literally. Not only professional carpenters know why high quality saws in brand-name quality are an essential component of basic workshop equipment.

In the category Saws we offer you products of the following brands: Bosch.

Sawing: do it better with power tools!

Nothing against the handsaw – but power tools with professional features and a top performance are a big step ahead of the hand-held classic. Especially if you choose brand-name products that set standards in industry and trade.

What advantages do electric saws have over handsaws?

You do not need a ruler or stopwatch to realise which advantages our power tools have when working wood and softer metals: electrically powered saws work quickly, precisely and largely effortlessly.

This not only saves valuable working time and reduces scrap, but also reduces the need for corrections. Especially in spots that are difficult to access or in confined spaces, there is practically nothing better than an electric saw.

The integrated dust extraction mechanism also keeps work much cleaner than any hand-held tool could. The only drawback compared to classic cutting tools? You'll need a mains socket to unleash their power.

What types of saws are there and what do I use them for?

Every properly equipped workshop has at least one hand-held circular saw. The saw blade effortlessly works its way through thick boards, encounters no problems with metal and definitely won't get stuck in plastic. When it comes to straight cuts when doing renovation or construction work, this saw is the real deal.

The jigsaw is suitable for both trimming and precise cuts, but is extremely popular as a ''modelling tool'' for both modelling work and furniture making. With the highest degree of ergonomics and a very fine saw blade, you can cut along tightly curved lines.

The reciprocating saw is considered an ideal ''demolition model'' and is just as popular on construction sites as it is for tending gardens. The reciprocating saw allows you, when you have the appropriate experience, to strike a fine balance between cutting to size and precision cuts, and can start up in almost any working position.

What do you need to keep in mind when selecting saws?

The best saw is only as good as its saw blade. You will find a large range of special accessories for different materials in our cutting tools category.

In general, you should always choose the saw according to the cuts you wish to make with it: Fast and straight, or curved and individual? The potential cutting depth into different materials is equally important as the speed.

You don't have to worry about professional aspects such as a soft start, robust workmanship, or a tool-free blade change when you purchase a saw from us. This is because only tools that have proved their worth in rigorous practical trials in many different industries make it into our product range.