Precise cuts with a low risk of injury: power saws give you a great performance and are safe and comfortable to operate. High quality handheld circular saws, jigsaws or reciprocating saws are items of basic equipment in every workshop. After all, they allow you to cut through different types of wood, plastic or even metal with ease. Discover the range of power saws in the online shop at kaiserkraft.

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Power saws: for precise cuts

They are distinguished by their professional equipment features and a great performance: power saws. High quality handheld circular saws allow you to work quickly, precisely and with little physical effort. Reciprocating saws are ideal in spots that are hard to access, while jigsaws allow you to work accuracy even when space is tight.

Their precision and speed means that power saws reduce the rate of rejects, lower the amount of rework necessary, and save valuable time at work. An integrated dust extraction system also means that working with a power saw produces less mess than a handheld saw would.

What types of power saws are there?

A handheld circular saw is an ideal choice for interior work or renovations. Its powerful saw blade easily cuts through plastic, thick boards or even metal – for accurate cuts just the way you need them.

A jigsaw is suitable for both coarser cuts in wood and detail work. This is why it is primarily used for model building and furniture making. The fine saw blade of an power jigsaw produces closely guided cuts. A thicker saw blade also allows you to cut through wooden panels with a medium thickness.

The reciprocating saw is a practical all round model for a wide range of tasks. It is therefore also known as a universal saw. This power saw is just as efficient to use on a construction site as it is for garden maintenance. The long saw blade of the reciprocating saw has a high cutting depth. This makes it suitable for cutting out window and door haunches, for example.

What matters most when choosing power saws?

Whether a jigsaw, handheld circular saw or reciprocating saw – when choosing a power saw, make sure that it is a high quality one. The saw blade is particularly important. Hardened teeth make it robust and ensures it stays sharp for a long time.

Choose your saw to suit its intended use. Would you like to cut particularly straight lines and also mill your way through hard materials as well? Then a handheld circular saw is a good choice. If the work requires finer, individually sized cuts, then a jigsaw is a suitable choice. For coarser cuts, use an easy to handy reciprocating saw instead.

One more factor to consider: the cutting depth of the power saw in different materials. A handheld circular saw can usually cut to a maximum of between 60 and 70 millimetres deep. Reciprocating saws, on the other hand, can reach a depth of up to 300 millimetres when the right saw blade is used.

Power saws: what is the difference between the speed and cutting speed?

The larger the saw blade used in a power saw is, the lower the operating speed usually operates is. For insulating wall panels made of mineral fibre, the speed should be low. This is because they must be sawn carefully to prevent tearing. For metal and plastics, 5000 revolutions per minute is recommended. For hard woods, you will need good carbide saw blades that can manage up to 9000 revolutions per minute.

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