Bubble wrap bags

Bubble wrap bags provide optimal protection for sensitive goods from damage and moisture. Due to their low weight, postage costs remain low. You can choose from ESD bags, classic bubble wrap bags, foam bags and even insulated bags. Models with a self adhesive seal and antistatic bags are particularly popular.

Bubble wrap bags: properly bagged, ready for transport

Dust proof, safe from scratching and with protection from impacts: this is how sensitive goods prefer to be transported. Bubble wrap bags are a convenient packaging solution for the latest electronics, fragile goods or small parts of all kinds. Sustainable bubble wrap bags made from recycled plastic are suitable for environmentally friendly mailing.

Bubble wrap bags vs. bubble wrap films – when is which one better?

When it comes to filling, cushioning and protecting products, having an efficient packaging and mailing solution is just as important as the protective effect. Even though bubble wrap film and bubble wrap bags are based on an identical principle, they are suitable for different applications.

Bubble wrap bags

  • have already been put together and are ready for immediate use

  • don’t require any additional sealing materials when ordered as bubble wrap bags with a self adhesive seal

  • have been optimised for many product dimensions

  • protect the actual product from pressure damage due to the air filled nubs on the outside

  • are particularly reliable when used as ESD and insulated models, as the packaging completely encloses the product

  • do not produce waste

  • can be used several times

  • and have been standardised to suit specific product sizes.

Bubble wrap films

  • are suitable for any geometry and size

  • can be use individually

  • are also ideal for filling cavities in a parcel

  • are individually cut to size and fixed in place as well

  • sometimes result in waste.

If you primarily mail out small components or goods, bags are the more cost effective and efficient choice. Not only can they be stored in a more space saving way, but they can also be ordered to suit your needs. In addition, they can be sent to customers in compact postal packaging with inexpensive postage, and don’t always have to be handed over to parcel services. When the products being packaged are larger, more voluminous or irregularly shaped, then webs of bubble wrap film are the solution.

What can foam bags do?

As a special category of bubble wrap bags, foam bags are primarily designed to protect sensitive surfaces – such as varnished wood or polished metal.

They can be used in addition to the bubble wrap bag or as an alternative to products that are, in themselves, robust but need protection from scratches, dust and moisture. If your main concern is protection from moisture and dust, then use pressure seal bags and flat bags as easy to use supplements for your mail order logistics.

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