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Common rooms are a science for themselves. You don't believe us? Then take a look at the range of clothes lockers and steel cupboards we have here. Steel cupboards, coat rack systems, individual lockers, compartment lockers – you'll be surprised at what's possible when it comes to common room furniture.

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    Clothes lockers and compartment lockers: secure storage

    Clothes lockers and compartment lockers are facilities that are indispensable items of equipment in gyms, swimming pools, changing rooms and schools. Those who like to do sport want to keep their valuables and clothes safe and secure while lifting weights at the gym or putting balls on the golf course. Pupils and students can lock away their books and jackets securely in the clothes lockers, which are equipped with locks, outside the library or in the corridor of the school building while they increase their knowledge. Employees can store both work clothes and casual wear in designated work lockers.

    Changing lockers or compartment lockers are more or less everyday objects, and ones which employees at the company and people using public buildings and leisure facilities take for granted.

    You’ll find we have what you are looking for!

    We offer clothes lockers, cloakroom lockers and compartment lockers in a variety of sizes and designs – from small to large. Whether a steel locker, a cloakroom locker or a clothes locker with changing bench – the choice is large and the products can be combined. If you’d like to put together an individual combination and put a clothes locker with a locker cube, then make sure you combine the same models with each other. This helps you create a harmonious appearance, and allows you to put the individual lockers together with little effort. Please make sure that the clothes lockers are the same size. Our online shop has both extra-slim and extra-high clothes lockers suitable for a wide range of functions. With a built-in clothes rail or a coat hook, the steel clothes lockers are ideally suited for the storage of work clothes. Moreover, there are cloakroom clothes lockers with benches fitted at the front, or below the lockers, that make getting changed in cubicles even easier.

    Clothes lockers and compartment lockers – the right type of storage for every area

    The clothes lockers in our webshop boast a wide variety of characteristics and features that often make them better suited for use in specific areas. In general, ventilation holes or vents are attributes that a good cloakroom locker should have. This ensures that any clothes stored in them do not smell musty afterwards.

    Locker feet or plinths should not damage the floor and the individual clothes locker should be easy to clean, which is guaranteed when you install edgeless inner compartments. QUIPO brand lockers offer all the most important features. The standard and extension modules can be individually combined within one specific model. The most important feature of clothes lockers and lockers is the security that they provide. You can order clothes lockers online with a cylinder lock, a master key, and a practical lock system. It is important to choose the same type of lock when purchasing and upgrading your lockers.

    Other types of locks that are available include fittings for padlocks or a rotary security bolt lock that cannot be broken open by twisting it. The clothes locker models available from the EUROKRAFT performance brand also offer the option of three-point locking, which additionally secures the cloakroom locker at the top and bottom. If you’d like your changing room to be a quiet place and to protect the doors of the lockers from damage, opt for a clothes locker with rubber buffers. Electrolytically zinc plated clothes lockers and stainless steel cloakroom lockers are particularly suitable for damp rooms. Lockers used at schools or in public facilities, where things get rowdier, should be made of sturdy and durable materials.

    Clothes lockers with lockable compartments, which kaiserkraft recommends for facilities like these, are made of robust steel and the outward curvature of the doors makes them extremely sturdy. A sensible investment, as the highest quality standards guarantee that nothing can be easily broken. In changing rooms and cloakrooms that offer little space for furnishings, space saving cupboards and Z lockers are a space saving alternative. In factories, warehouses, workshops and offices, steel cupboards available with different compartment sizes and accessories can be used to store files, clothing and tools. Mesh cloakroom lockers and lockers with vision panels provide better control over the items in storage, because they are visible to everyone.

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