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Once the concept for fitness in the workplace has been drawn up, it's time to get down to the details. This includes carefully selecting small items of equipment.

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Small items of equipment: the secret trick the pros use to stay fit

Elliptical trainers, weight stations and treadmills are just some of the basic equipment needed for the company gym or training area. If you'd like to offer your employees a range of challenges when exercising, you should also think about the small items of equipment. The unassuming aids not only help raise fitness to the next level, but are often able to be used for different exercises.

Of course, our small items of fitness equipment are also perfect for the home office – just give them a try!

What is a small item of equipment for fitness?

Most of the products that are listed under small items of fitness equipment today are old acquaintances from Phys Ed: skipping ropes and medicine balls, floor mats or balancing equipment have been around for many years.

And for good reason: they don't cost much, take up hardly any space at all, and the results they bring can be huge. However, today's fitness studios not only have the classics in stock, but also have newer items on offer, for example:

  • Small dumbbells for lifting, kettlebells, fixed weight dumbbells, short dumbbells for free weight training

  • Resistance bands for free exercises and resistance exercises, as loops or power bands

  • Yoga pads or foam rollers for relief exercises and more mobility

How do I use small items of equipment for company sports?

While you only have to purchase fitness equipment such as cross trainers or treadmills once to make them available to all employees, you need several sets of small items of equipment – for example, to ensure the Pilates class during the lunch break is perfectly equipped.

Moreover, there are also a number of models that are subject to greater wear and tear. For example, fitness bands become less elastic over time and need to be replaced. When it comes to dumbbells, having several weight classes is important. Using barbells for real weightlifters and lighter dumbbells weighing 0.5 to 4 kg for aerobics and bodyweight training is recommended too.

Any workout equipment that passes through several hands over the course of a sweaty workout must be thoroughly disinfected in between. This makes it important that there are not only be instructions for use, but also appropriate cleaning accessories in the gym.

Last but not least, you should also keep in mind that there's always a risk of injury and accidents when employees do sport. It is important to establish appropriate legal frameworks and to educate employees about their personal responsibility when handling small items of equipment, fitness accessories and exercise equipment.