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Partition systems for the optimum division of rooms
Partition systems create a functional additional benefit for every room which can be advantageously divided. It is not just employers predominantly from industry and commerce who appreciate the advantages of flexible room design. Authorities, municipalities and associations also recognise the benefits functional furnishings offer for practical temporary solutions during building renovations or when space requirements change unexpectedly. Our partition systems are planned on an individual basis to meet specific customer requirements, but still maintain their inherent versatility. This makes the partition systems in this webshop ideal for creating the most economical solutions with a very high degree of utility. With flexible partition systems, which have been primarily designed for versatility, economy of space and cost effectiveness, the spatial requirements for new modes of working and the restructuring of a company can be accommodated independently of structural requirements. The flexible configuration options and versatility afforded by the mobile partition systems in our online shop are virtually inexhaustible. Due to manufacture with matched materials and adaptable fittings, a multi-dimensional usability emerges from a universally deployable, self-contained partitioning system. This makes partition systems ideal for meeting rooms and combination offices, as they can be quickly and efficiently uninstalled, reconfigured and reinstalled.

Storage container space system – ideal temporary solution
Storage containers also offer a modular solution for construction sites, warehouse expansions and other storage problems. These containers variants are particularly suitable for creating additional transport capacity or storage space, quickly and easily. They reduce freight costs and assembly times, and are available for immediate use. The advantages of using storage containers for frequently changing locations are particularly obvious. The potential applications for the storage containers, also known as the ''storage wonder'', are proven in the areas of tourism, sports and events, whether it be as a utility shed, file storage room or for the secure storage of accessories. In addition, storage containers are increasingly being converted into container offices. Currently on construction sites, where space for administrative purposes and planning is urgently needed, the containers often become the workplace. All of the models we offer are manufactured for robustness and provide secure storage for materials, equipment and furnishings in no time at all. Storage containers offer all the advantages, which make the temporary provision of space cost effective and efficient. If the storage containers are flat pack, you can save on assembly and transport costs.

Modular building systems

Partition systems allow you to part your rooms. Be it a small office in the production hall, the clean-up area in an automobile workshop or a container for short-term storage outside the premises. Everything is possible and you'll find all the right products for it here.
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