Modular Building Systems

Partition systems allow you to part your rooms. Be it a small office in the production hall, the clean-up area in an automobile workshop or a container for short-term storage outside the premises. Everything is possible and you'll find all the right products for it here.


Every warehouse or production hall offers more usable space than the number of square metres specified in the floor plan would suggest. And that both horizontally and vertically. Our modular building systems combined with the years of experience of our employees allow you to create office or storage areas in places you'd never thought you could. Modular systems also offer you the flexibility to prepare for future space requirements as well.


One of the greatest advantages that our prefab offices offer is the opportunity to create new spaces without having to modify the structure of the building – for example, without being burdened with a particular layout forever. This is why we offer partition systems and factory offices, for example, which you can extend or move flexibly. Without extended periods of construction, or long periods of downtime.

This produces advantage number two: prefab offices separate production, office and storage areas from each other without spacing the different units too far apart. This means you can minimise the distances that employees have to walk, encourage communication, and optimise workflow organisation to make it more efficient.

This combination of closeness and separation also functions for specific requirements. Our ''More room for quality'' project shows you how we integrated a laboratory into a production facility without any new construction work – and allowing for all the conditions that this sensitive working environment demands.


At kaiserkraft, we offer a wide range of modular buildings for different requirements. And in doing so, we do everything to cater to your individual preferences.

If, for example, you'd like to add mezzanine floors to your factory, then you'll find that we have tailor-made products that our employees will plan and implement together with you.

If, for example, you'd like to add mezzanine floors to your factory, then you'll find that we have tailor-made products that our employees will plan and implement together with you.

  • Mezzanine floors are always the perfect choice when you wish to equip otherwise unused space up above you with offices and additional workspaces.

  • The advantage: employees working in the office can keep an eye on the production area and can make decisions and arrangements affecting operations quickly and efficiently.

Setting up a number of our partition systems and factory offices doesn't even require our practical support. Thanks to the straightforward tongue and groove system, you can erect a factory office at ground level in around six hours. And selecting smart modules means you have a free choice when it comes to windows, doors and floor plans.

These partition systems and factory offices can also be used outside the production halls: as a gatekeeper's house, as a storage room, as dividing walls in an open plan office.

Strip curtains cordon working areas off, while still allowing people to pass through. Above all, they keep dust and dirt and other pollutants out, while being easy to walk or drive through. They also help lower energy costs. This is what makes them outstanding protection at entrances and gates.


As a basic rule, observe the following: the larger the new areas to be created using modular systems and/or the higher they are, the more important it is that we provide you will our expertise and on-site support.

When working on a project, our employees will, for example, look to see whether your floors are designed for the load of a mezzanine floor and whether your ideas for a new space are structurally viable as well.

Building up on this, customised plans are drawn up and erection is organised. Of course, the occupational health and safety regulations, and security issues, also play an important role.

In other words: you let us know what you need, and we'll join you in taking care of your entire project.

What else can we do to help you?

Our CAD planning service is the first port of call for any big projects you have in relation to prefab offices. Due to our many years of experience and intensive collaborations with long-term partners, we can even realise exceptional and highly individual projects for you. Just let us know what you want.

If you'd like to do the work yourself on smaller projects, then we'd recommend taking a look at the following guides first:

And as always, if you have any questions or special requests, our team at kaiserkraft is available in person at any time.

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