Traffic mirrors, safety mirrors

A better overview, improved safety: traffic mirrors and safety mirrors provide better visibility on roadways, on the factory premises and in the factory hall. They can help to prevent accidents. Discover different types of traffic and safety mirrors at kaiserkraft – from convex mirrors to panoramic mirrors and industrial mirrors.

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    Traffic mirrors – for more safety on roadways

    At exits characterised by poor visibility or company zones where there’s lots going on, it is often difficult to tell at first glance whether the road is clear. The solution: traffic mirrors can improve visibility by showing drivers a reflection of any danger spots.

    Traffic mirrors can be recognised by the typical red and white safety marking, or stripes that alert you to danger. They have a double function: they alert observers to be attentive while also indicating that the mirror does not reflect the surroundings true to scale. The image that is reflected varies according to product:

    • The size of the image reflected varies with the size and shape of the traffic mirrors. Therefore consider how large the area to be reflected by the mirror is before making your choice. Our tip: select the largest possible mirror for better visibility.

    • The correct installation point and correct alignment of the traffic mirror depends on the distance at which the image will be viewed (according to size and shape). If the observation point is higher up, there will always be something to see in the mirror, however the image shown will be smaller.

    Traffic mirrors optimised for universal indoor and outdoor use are made of impact resistant, shatter proof acrylic glass, stainless steel or Sekurit, and a special bracket is used to secure them against hurricane force winds (they are wind load certified). Thermoactive materials stop the mirrors from misting and icing up in winter.

    What regulations apply for the use of traffic and safety mirrors?

    The Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR) state that safety and observation mirrors are part of the equipment for safe traffic routes – at intersections and junctions offering poor visibility in particular. Nevertheless, the ASR also make it clear that safety mirrors alone are not enough. Additional barriers and markings are essential for drawing attention to an area’s danger and accident potential.

    More safety mirrors in kaiserkraft’s product range

    In addition to traffic or road mirrors, you will find many other models at kaiserkraft that improve visibility in a wide variety of situations and areas:

    • Smaller supervisory mirrors with a slight curvature for a better overview of conveyor belts, machines or air locks

    • Mirrors with an enlarging effect for supervising production lines

    • Panoramic mirrors for ceiling and wall mounting for an all-round view across one area or up to 360 degrees

    • Wide angle or convex mirrors for an undistorted, bird’s eye view in different working areas

    • Universal mirrors with a slight curvature for larger areas

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