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No need to lean your bicycle up against the walls, fences or trees. There are bicycle racks available for that – with a wide range of versions to choose from. As individual racks, for the wall or for connecting in rows. Not only do they look more attractive, but they also provide more security. Our ADFC certified bicycle racks won't damage your bicycle, and also save space.

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Bicycle racks – parks bikes properly and securely

What do bicycle racks and attractiveness have in common? More than you'd think. Not that we're implying that a person will become more attractive when on a bike; no, we mean residential complexes, camping grounds, hotels, sporting facilities, companies, public institutions and so on and so forth. The bicycle has grown into a valuable means of transport in many cities. This makes it all the more important that there are secure, convenient and handy opportunities to park bicycles properly. Simply leaning the bicycle up against walls, trees or fences and slipping into the nearest shop to make a quick purchase or run a small errand is not only inconsiderate, but also unsafe. Your two-wheel could be stolen in no time. But with properly planned bicycle parking in outdoor areas or in the garage, you will also be demonstrating that esteem for environmentally conscious employees is not alien to your company. And that, in turn, increases your attractiveness as an employer.

From bicycle rack to bicycle parking

Bicycle racks ensure that customers, guests, business partners or employees can park their bicycles securely in outdoor areas. Wall mounted bicycle stands for company garages provide, for example, protection from theft, vandalism and poor weather. Just like bicycle racks with roofs do. Bicycle parking rails even allow the front wheel and rear wheel to be secured. However, should just one, two, three or four parking spaces be too little, this is no problem, because bicycle stands can also be flexibly extended at any time by connecting them in rows. And anyone who would like to show regard for cyclists for their choice of transportation will be happy to use the bike lockers or bicycle stores to ensure security for cycles. These solutions, all considered commendable, have undergone stringent testing by ADFC (German Bicycle Association) and have received awards for their high quality. The ADFC certified bicycle racks and bicycle garages are stable, don't damage bicycles, save space, can be extended and feature an elegant design.

Of course, we will be happy to provide you with support when planning and configuring your bicycle parking system.

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