Fire resistant hazardous goods storage cupboards

Hazardous goods storage cupboards and drum cupboards or FM safety cabinets are extremely robust, durable and torsion resistant. The strongest models are fire resistant for more than 90 minutes. These cupboards and cabinets can therefore save lives and property in an emergency, however they first and foremost provide a good sense of safety in everyday company operations. However, the lawmakers have also imposed strict regulations on them – you can find out more about this here in our article.

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    Fire resistant hazardous goods cupboards: don’t let a fire spread

    Although even the best fire resistant hazardous goods cupboard cannot prevent an emergency from occurring, it can definitely ensure that a small fire does not turn into an inferno. Featuring many details that have been tested for safety, it reliably cuts off the supply of air to a fire. It’s no wonder that it is an item of standard workshop equipment for most companies.

    What should be stored in fireproof cupboards?

    Almost all liquids used in industry and trade should be kept in a hazardous goods cupboard. Fireproof cupboards for flammable liquids are suitable for storing corrosive, toxic, water hazardous and other media than can cause problems. It is important to note that flammable media must always be stored in a separate cupboard and be labelled accordingly. This separation and labelling obligation also applies to all other media groups.

    Did you know? Battery charging cabinets are also classified as fireproof cupboards, as lithium is a highly reactive material that ignites quickly. However, these models are not suitable for liquids, as they do not have the accessories necessary for the correct storage of hazardous goods.

    What are the differences between safety cabinets for flammable liquids?

    When selecting steel cupboards, pay particular attention to the approval issued for media storage in different countries:

    • Safety cabinets with an FM classification are, in many jurisdictions, approved for the storage of hazardous goods such as corrosive, water hazardous or toxic liquids, however not for the storage of flammable liquids. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux countries, FM cabinets may not be used for media like these.

    • Instead, type 90 fireproof cupboards are required, which can be used to store flammable media in workspaces without restrictions in accordance with EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510. These cupboards feature fire insulation, have been tested as fireproof, have self closing doors in the event of fire, and a fire resistance of 90 minutes – hence the name.

    • Type 30 fireproof cupboards are approved for limited storage of flammable media in workrooms. Austrian companies are not permitted to use this type for the media listed.

    FM as well as type 30 and type 90 cupboards come with a high max. load, sump trays, adjusting devices to compensate for uneven floors, secure locks and absolute reliability in terms of steel quality. Otherwise, they would not even be allowed to be called safety cabinets.

    There are any number of questions, regulations and conditions when it comes to the storage of hazardous or flammable liquids. You can obtain a good overview in our Product guide to environmental and chemical cupboards. For flammable media in particular, take a look at our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials. We would also be happy to discuss this complicated issue with you personally. Simply contact us now.