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Robust and mobile: tipping skips make work easier in warehouses and production facilities, as well as on construction sites. This is because they allow you to move materials from A to B or to place them in storage. Whether tipping skips for forklift trucks, scrap containers or swarf buckets – discover the practical aids for in-house transport or temporary storage of production waste available in the online shop at kaiserkraft.

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Tipping skips and dispensing hoppers: optimum provision of bulk materials and grit

Whenever loose bulk materials and grit have to be ready in the right amount and in the right location then tipping skips and dispensing hoppers are a perfect choice. This is because they have large capacities, can be emptied quickly with sophisticated mechanisms and can solve all sorts of logistical problems on building sites, production factories or warehouses.

What types of locks are there for dispensing hoppers?

kaiserkraft mainly supplies dispensing hoppers with flaps or sliding traps. These are located either at the front or on the bottom. Both versions have their advantages:

  • A flap allows bulk material to be emptied quickly – which saves a lot of time and effort particularly when loading lorries or filling pits.

  • A trap enables certain goods to be dispensed more precisely, for example when drawing off animal feed or providing fine-grained building materials.

The opening at the front makes it easy to access the goods and is flexible when you move the dispensing hoppers with a stacker and position them at the unloading point. Floor variants dispense accurately and can be aligned perfectly over the unloading point – which makes dispensing even more precise.

What tilting skips can be moved with a stacker?

Tipping skips and dispensing hoppers with forklift pockets are perfectly equipped for direct use with stackers. Some of them have devices for stacker beams. You can practically turn these tilting skips upside down and empty them particularly easily and thoroughly.

What are the anti-slip mechanics used for on a tipping container?

Tipping containers with anti-slip mechanics rely on the connection between an especially gentle rolling movement and an optimum load centre. You trigger the tilting process by pulling a cable from the driver's cab. This mechanism empties the vessel thoroughly and quickly – without juddering loads on the lifting mast.

In addition to this range of items, we also supply all products for modern storage facilities. Also add, for example, stacking boxes or hinged bottom containers to your organisation and storage system. Any more questions? You can speak to us at any time!

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