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Could things be cleaner? Then set up waste sack holders and waste sack stands! This is how waste separation works.

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Waste sack stands and waste sack holders: the flexible and clean alternative to the rubbish bin

Only a clean company is a functional company. That’s why we have all sorts of different waste bins for every area of the company among the products we sell. Wherever you’d like to collect waste in a space saving way, put waste sack stands and waste sack holders to use. They are designed to provide the essentials – a high collection capacity and safe disposal.

What are the advantages of a waste sack holder?

Waste sack stands have one job: to provide a clean and convenient way of ensuring waste lands in the waste sack provided. No more, no less. Because the waste sack is not constrained by a metal or plastic container, it can be filled with more rubbish than would be the case if the classic rubbish bin were used.

Instead of awkwardly removing the full waste sack from the holder and risk it tearing, a waste sack stand allows you to effortlessly release it from the clamp and remove it at the side. If all else fails, simply lift the stand up above the sack.

Thanks to this efficient combination of stand and holder with an opening, the waste sack holder requires less floor space than a rubbish bin or waste paper basket with a comparable collection capacity. This is particularly advantageous in areas with a high volume of waste and limited space – for example, in commercial kitchens.

At the same time, this design ensures a lower weight – which is why many waste sack holders can be easily moved on castors. This makes them ideal for use for housekeeping and cleaning.

What do I look for when purchasing a waste sack stand?

Our range of waste solutions is organised according to budget and collection capacity. Basic solutions with a standard capacity of up to 120 litres of waste are suitable for collection points where only an average amount of waste collects at a fairly slow speed.

In the kitchen or similar areas where waste sack holders fill up quickly with heavy rubbish and need to be emptied more frequently, you should opt for particularly sturdy waste sack stands with the appropriate maximum capacity.

The type of waste collected also plays a role. For the separation of recyclables, go for waste sack holders with colour coded double or triple stands. For large volume waste, you’ll need models with an extra large filling opening.

Basically, we recommend changing the waste sack stand to suit to rubbish that collects – not the other way around. If you would like us to assist you with selecting the right products for you, please contact us!