Security risk identified – waste paper bin! Sensitive, and above all, personal data need to go into the document shredder. Only correct disposal will protect you from data misuse and data theft.

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Shredders for regulation compliant disposal of sensitive documents

Burning confidential documents is now a thing of the past. Our document shredders are much more efficient and don't produce any smoke. Available in different security levels and sizes, they provide reliable protection from unreasonably high fines imposed due to violations of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and from industrial espionage.

How do document shredders work?

Whether large or small, for home use or the office, document shredders always operate using the same principle. They cut data carriers into pieces that are so small that it is impossible to put them back together. A distinction is made between strip cuts produced by entry-level models, cross cuts and particle cuts.

What is the difference between the individual security levels?

The more sensitive the data, the smaller the cuttings should end up being. This is the only way to guarantee that your financial statements or patents won't make their way into the hands of the competition. We have document shredders available in all three security classes and all seven security levels specified in DIN 66399. They'll make sure you're on the safe side – whether you need to cut catalogues and notes into strips or highly confidential documents into fine microparticles.

Keep the number four in mind. This is the security level that the GDPR specifies as the minimum requirement when shredding personal data. More important information on the General Data Protection Regulations can be found in our Questions and Answers on GDPR Implementation.

Why is the size of document shredders important?

You'd prefer a unit that's easy to handle and unobtrusive? Paper shredders with a capacity of up to 25 litres save space and fit in any corner, no matter how small. However, they quickly reach their limits in open-plan offices and when they are in constant use, requiring regular emptying and stopping colleagues from getting their work done. This is why devices with four to five times the capacity are available from kaiserkraft. A high cutting capacity ensures that shredding is faster than burning. The auto feed function is a huge help when shredding large quantities of paper. Simply feeding in the material and pressing ''Start'' is all it takes. The device does the rest of the work on its own while you concentrate on more important matters.

Does your company try to maintain a paper-free office? Depending on the model, our document shredders are also suitable for CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. Even USB sticks can be shredded reliably using them, ensuring all laws are complied with.

Do you still have questions about which document shredder to choose? Read our purchasing adviser on ''How to find the right document shredder'' or ask us for advice