Got a screw loose? No problem at all. You will find robust and versatile spanners in all sizes and for every need in our shop.

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Spanners – there's no situation they won't turn around

A single screw that can't be loosened soon brings work to a standstill. This is why it is better to take precautions and order some spanners right away. Open end or ring, big or small, we have them all. So no screw in the works will stop you getting things done.

Open end or ring spanner?

There are always several spanners that will do the job. As long as the size or width across flats is correct, you have the choice between different models – for example between open end and ring spanners:

  • Open end spanner or ring spanner: the open model is particularly practical when space is limited.

  • Ring spanner: it enables a high level of force to be transmitted, and slips off less easily. A prerequisite is an easily accessible screw or nut.

Both versions are also available as a double version from KAISER+KRAFT. This gives you two spanners with different sizes in one. And if you can't decide between ring and open end spanner, simply use a ring spanner.

More flexibility with ratchets, sockets and adjustable spanners

Would you rather have just one tool for a lot of different screws? This is also possible, for example with an adjustable spanner. The size of the flats or fork is very easy to change on one of these spanners. The alternative is a socket with bits. Ring spanners with a ratchet, on the other hand, allow a quick change of direction. This eliminates the effort needed for repositioning.

These and a number of other spanners are available in different sizes. And made of different materials, as individual tools, or in a practical set. The same applies to other hand tools such as pliers or hex keys, not to mention bits and sockets and work gloves for more comfort when working. Our practical tool kits are ideal as basic items of equipment.

Where will you be putting all these tools? We recommend a workbench, a workshop desk or – for those who move around a lot for work – a tool trolley.

Finally, a useful tip: you can hang spanners up on perforated panels so that you have the right sized tool at hand and within easy reach.