Electric tow trucks

An electric tow truck keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. After all, this transport device is safe and manoeuvrable when in use at your company – and this without any emissions. This ensures both the environment and your budget don’t take a hit.

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Electric tow trucks: others talk about e-mobility – while you can do it!

An emission free, safe and manoeuvrable transport solution even for heavy goods: electric tow trucks are the best proof that the future of e-mobility has long since begun. While others are still debating the advantages, you can benefit from the numerous advantages that these clever transport devices can bring your company.

Do you need a driving licence for an electric tow truck?

Like many other types of transport equipment and trolleys used for commercial purposes, electric tow trucks must comply with DGUV regulation 68, ''Industrial trucks''. This means that your employees do not need a driving licence to operate them. They only need to be able to prove that they have been trained and have the competence to handle the equipment safely.

An exception to this rule applies if, for example, you are operating a ride-on tow truck and a small convoy of trailers in public areas where the Road Traffic Act applies. In this case, you are a regular road user who must demonstrate the ability to follow the rules with a driving licence. This is because an electric tow truck with a trailer then becomes a vehicle as defined by DGUV 70. This is the case, for example, in a public car park outside health care facilities such as hospitals.

What aspects play a role in the purchase of an electric tow truck?

In principle, you have the choice between electric tow trucks for pulling or pushing, and ride-on solutions. These scooters are, of course, particularly comfortable – especially when covering longer distances from the production area to the warehouse.

However, the more compact version has an unbeatable advantage: it can be used practically anywhere – even in narrow corridors and hallways.

As with any equipment used to transport loads, when choosing an electric tow truck, you should work out how heavy the loads for transport are on average, and what their dimensions are. On the one hand, this has an impact on which truck is the right one to select and, on the other hand, it determines the required trailer load that the electric tow truck must be able to move. We recommend that you factor in a bit of leeway. This way, you can use the electric tow truck in many different ways.

Also take a look at the dimensions of the device – and in this case,be conservative. This will ensure that your electric tow truck really is able to haul a load anywhere.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, please contact our customer service. We will help you to make your selection.

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