Emergency trays

PVC leakage containment tarps or folding trays for containing leaks to ensure you are ideally equipped in an emergency – purchase your emergency sump trays for indoor or outdoor use now! They are compact, and yet easy to carry; flexible and, above all, ready for use in seconds. The emergency sump trays are available in many different sizes!

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Emergency sump trays: when all dams break

It’s good when everything proceeds smoothly in the workshop. Unless, of course, there is a hazardous liquid flowing uncontrollably from a large container or machine that has been damaged. In this case, you’ll need to react without delay and get the folding sump trays ready!

What are emergency sump trays?

Emergency sump trays are an important item of basic leakage management equipment, not only in the company itself, but also for emergency services and first responders.

Emergency sump trays are folding sump trays made of dense plastic fabric that collect hazardous liquids that are leaking from machines, vehicles, drums or containers.

Similar in design to an inflatable swimming pool, emergency sump trays can reliably contain large quantities of liquid and are therefore also suitable for larger leaks. The flexible film adapts to many surfaces and ensures the trays are leak-proof once set up. Depending on the model, size and design, emergency sump trays don’t just have to be reserved for emergencies, but can also be used as a preventive measure when handling hazardous goods.

Emergency sump trays can be walked on and, depending on their size, can even be driven over by a stacker or lorry.

Leakage containment tarps are a special version, and collect liquid that is emerging from leaks in roofs, ceilings or hanging pipes. As with a rain gutter, the fluid is drained into containers or drains on the ground by means of a standard hose that is quick to attach.

Can I use emergency sump trays for storing hazardous goods?

Metal sump trays are an essential item when storing water hazardous and flammable liquids at the company. Emergency sump trays made of PVC or vinyl are approved for temporary storage or keeping the corresponding containers available – but only for non-flammable media that are hazardous to water.

Containers containing oils and fuels must always be stored on metal sump trays. In this case, the plastic versions are only suitable for use as emergency products. Our Information on regulation compliant storage of hazardous materials will provide you with a more detailed overview.

How do I combine emergency sump trays in leakage management?

Every sump tray will, at some point, be full – even if they far exceeded the regulations governing the fill quantity or absorption capacity at the time of purchase. Temporarily contain the leak from the container or machine by using liquid barriers and place absorbent sheeting and absorbent granulate around them to prevent splashing. You can, of course, make it particularly easy for yourself and use the spillage emergency kit that you’ve been keeping ready for this type of situation.

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