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Where can I find Mr. Jones in your company? In which room is Mrs. Parker located? Sensible signage is not to be underestimated if you don't want your business partners, customers, or employees to wander from A to B through the corridors. Acrylic office signs always point the way.

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Office door signs: a direct path to enhanced orientation

Sometimes, it's the small details that have the most significant impact on smooth business operations. Without office door signs, employees and visitors would run around aimlessly in the workplace: which door does Mr. Müller's office hide behind? Where exactly is the warehouse in the building? How do you reach the conference room? Rather than paying for a time-consuming treasure hunt, choose the right signage for a direct path to improved orientation.

What criteria should I consider when using office door signs?

In all aspects of office equipment, one principle always takes centre stage: functionality, clarity, and organization are essential!

Like labelling a file, office door signs should ensure the visitor has all the necessary information before opening the door. This includes not only the name of the office occupant but also their department, role, and room number – all logically structured.

When installing office signs, consider factors like ascending room numbering, ideally with floor or department coding. This is crucial not just in the office corridor itself but is also reflected in the info boards, wayfinders, and directional signs that guide the visitor to this corridor in the first place.

That's why you should build a wayfinding system with office door signs at the end, from the outside to the inside, using clear colour and symbol codes whenever possible. Pictograms save many words when searching for the restroom, while certain colours for specific business departments create a spatial context for the seeker.

Remember to design this wayfinding system from the perspective of a visitor: have I placed a corresponding sign wherever uncertainty might arise along the way?

Office door signs are just the beginning with kaiserkraft

We have all your needs and questions regarding improved orientation in business operations in mind. That's why you'll also find suitable name tags and desk signs for clear identification at conferences.

A wide selection of desk and office organisation and add-on desktops provide the necessary overview of the office. If we can assist you with orientation, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

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