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Where can Mr Wotshisname be found in your company? In which room is Ms Whoever sitting in? Providing logical signage is nothing to scoff at if you don't want your business partners, customers or employees wandering through the corridors from A to B without a clue where they're going. Door signs will always tell you which way to go.

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Door signs: A direct route to better orientation

Sometimes it's the small details that have the greatest effect and keep company processes running smoothly. Without door signs, employees and visitors would wander through the company without a destination in sight: Which door leads to Mr Miller? In which building can the storeroom be found? How do I get to the conference room? Instead of taking to your heels and wasting time searching, choose the direct route to better orientation by using the right signage.

Which aspects are important when putting up door signs?

There's one imperative that should always take centre stage among all the different aspects of office equipment: functionality, clarity and organisation are non-negotiable!

Just like the way a file is given a name, door plaques should ensure that visitors have all the information necessary before opening the door. This doesn't just include the name of the person who occupies the office; the department, function and the room number are also important – and should have a logical structure.

When you install office signs, pay attention to an office numbering system in ascending order, for example, which ideally also indicates the code used to identify the floor or department. This isn't just important in the corridor of the office building itself, but should also be reflected on information boards, signs and notice boards which guide the visitor to this corridor in the first place.

This is why a guidance system which ends with door signs for each and every office should always be structured from the outside in, and with colour codes and symbols that are as clear as possible: pictograms save a lot of words on the way to the WC. Specific colours for a specific company department also create a sense of orientation for those searching for it.

And don't forget to structure this guidance system from the perspective of a visitor: have I actually put up a corresponding sign everywhere that might present a problem with orientation?

Doors signs are just the beginning with KAISER+KRAFT

We have an eye on all your requirements and questions about improving orientation in work areas. This is why you'll also find we have suitable name badges and tabletop stands to clearly identify functions at conferences and similar events. A large range of organisation systems and desk space savers will give you the overview you require in the office. And if there's anything we can do to help you with orientation, then call us any time!

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