Work jackets

Work jackets are just one item of work clothing, no different to any other? Far from the case. The first time you put on a professional model, you’ll immediately understand what we mean. Take a look at work jackets for winter, autumn and all four seasons in trade and industry in our shop now!

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Work jackets: don’t let the weather stop you from working

In sub-zero temperatures, rain or wind: it’s always the unsung heroes who are hard at work. You’ll be ideally prepared for all temperatures with work jackets for winter, in high-vis colours, or as protection from heat and wind. What else do you need to pay attention to? The perfect fit, of course!

What characteristics do professional work jackets exhibit?

Maximum performance with high wear comfort: work jackets are one of the most important elements of good work clothing, and this not only outdoors. Whether it’s lightweight work jackets, warm men’s work jackets for winter or softshell work jackets as between seasons work clothing, always pay attention to:

  • Windproof, water repellent or heat resistant materials

  • Robust and hardwearing workmanship

  • Actively breathing wear comfort

  • Reinforced seams and zips

  • Optimal fit that is comfortable to wear

  • Many pockets for work utensils

  • Reflectors and/or high-vis colours, if relevant

  • Warming features such as thumb openings or lining

Which work jacket are suitable for which areas of use?

Work jackets in orange, work jackets in blue, work jackets in black or green? The choice of colours is not based on fashion, but rather is an issue of safety, visibility and profession:

  • High visibility jackets in orange are essential for visibility outdoors – both in road building and on the tarmac, or any other areas where people and machines work side by side.

  • Work jackets in yellow with reflective elements also make a contribution to improved safety, for example for rescue personnel or tradespersons working underground.

  • Heat resistant jackets and flame retardant jackets are crucial for all professions in which fire is the primary work tool or main hazard. This applies to steel founders as well as welders.

  • Softshell work jackets in blue, green or black are everyday work clothing for gardeners and landscapers, forestry workers or other tradespersons who wish to pursue their work outdoors with a maximum freedom of movement. The right colour here depends on the professional tradition, as well as the corporate design of the company.

Are work jackets paid for by the employer?

If the work jacket is a component legally specified occupational safety equipment, the employer must assume the costs. Irrespective of the law, having the company purchase them pay dividends: well protected employees are sick less often and feel more self-assured at work.

If the costs are not assumed by the employer, a claim can be made for the work jacket in the annual tax return. Of course, this also applies to work trousers and even more so to work shoes, work gloves and other personal protective equipment.

There is much more to consider when it comes to occupational safety. This is why we have compiled several guides:

If you have individual questions regarding the purchase of work clothing and work jackets, we are there for you in person. Please feel free to contact us.