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In the workplace, it’s important to have desks and workstations that cater to the ergonomic needs of your employees. Adjustable monitor mounts and stands for desks are important, ensuring health and safety in the workplace, whether you’re using a laptop, desktop computer or tablet.

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Use monitor mounts and tablet stands for desks

Spending hours hunched over a desk isn’t healthy, leading to bad posture and back problems. Monitor mounts and tablet stands play an important role in ensuring desktop monitors and devices are at an appropriate height for your employees to work safely and comfortably. Our range of monitor arms are designed to be used with all kinds of desks in the workplace, compatible with monitors and a range of devices, including tablets.

How monitor stands ensure a healthy posture

With monitor arms, your employees can work comfortably at their desk, without the need to dip their head and hunch over. Health and safety in the workplace is very important, which is why every office space needs a set of monitor mounts and tablet holders.

The position of your employees’ monitors forms an important part of the HSE guidelines, so providing an adjustable monitor stand to ensure the screen(s) or device(s) remains at the correct height throughout the working day is crucial. Our range has something for everyone, whether using a single or dual monitor setup, sitting down or standing up.

Other advantages of monitor mounts and tablet stands

As well as providing comfort when working at a desk and improving health and safety in the workplace, a monitor stand for the desk can bring many other benefits to your workspace.

Monitor stands to free up space

Swivel monitor arms for wall mounting or a rail system will not only ensure your employees are comfortable at work, they will also free up desktop space. Having more surface space not only frees your office space of clutter, leaving more room for your employees to perform important tasks.

Monitor arms enable faster working

Working with two monitors means your employees can work faster across various programmes and documents at the same time. Finding space on the desktop for multiple monitors can be difficult. Monitor stands make this easier by allowing the screens to be lifted above the desk itself, freeing up valuable space.

Tablet mounts to deliver the perfect presentation

A tablet wall bracket with a matching stand and base mount is ideal for delivering presentations. It provides a place for the tablet to be held, freeing up both hands.

Tips for choosing the right monitor mounts and tablet stands for desks

When selecting monitor brackets for your workplace, start by thinking about which surface you need to secure it to. Is it the wall, desk or a rail system? Your employees’ workspaces and their surroundings play an important role in determining which monitor stands are most suitable.

Another important thing to consider is flexibility. Having monitor stands, which can be adjusted in each and every direction, not just up and down, has its benefits.

Within our range of monitor mounts and tablet stands for desks, we have many different designs made with various materials, from plastic and aluminium, through to steel. A stylish, modern monitor stand for the desk is the icing on the cake.

If you still have questions about the differences between individual monitor mounts and tablet stands, or you simply need help choosing one for your workplace, then we’re more than happy to help. Our customer service team is always available to help you create the most comfortable workstation for your employees. Get in touch with us to find out more.