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Small parts cleaners play an important role in degreasing and cleaning machine components, not only in industrial production plants. Workshops and supply companies also have to comply with the specific guidelines for cleaning small parts. You will find that we have the corresponding equipment.

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Small parts cleaners and cleaning tables: Stay on the safe side with uncompromising cleanliness.

As soon as small parts or machinery components, surfaces and tools need regular cleaning in your workshop, then small parts cleaners and cleaning tables from the products offered by kaiserkraft are a wise investment. They not only allow you to free surfaces from grease, oil and dirt, but you'll also be demonstrating your awareness of environmentally friendly workflows that comply with all safety requirements. Find out the best way to proceed diligently and correctly here.

What should I use which small parts cleaners and cleaning tables for?

There are three categories of cleaners available from kaiserkraft which are suitable for different areas of the company:

  • Safety-compliant spray bottles dispense cleaning agents for parts and surfaces over large surfaces or on specific spots – and are always economical.

  • Plunger cans dispense cleaning agents that you wish to apply and work in using a cloth.

  • Complete solutions in the form of cleaning tables provide a self-contained system comprised of cleaning solution provision, professional cleaning and waste water collection system.

Small parts cleaners as a complete version are primarily designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in which machinery components and tools need cleaning on a daily basis. These requirements make well-considered hazardous goods handling absolutely essential. A cleaning table plays a key role in this.

Plunger cans and spray bottles are specially designed for use with cleaning agents that have been classified as hazardous substances. This is why they are always a wise choice as soon as these products need to be used in your company – even if you only need them occasionally or for one workplace. Not only does environmental protection and occupation health and safety require this – they are also required by law.

What do I need to pay attention to when using small parts cleaners and cleaning tables?

The most important specifications governing the use and handling of small parts cleaners can be found in the relevant regulations, such as TRGS 510 ''Storage of hazardous substances in non-stationary containers'' and the Occupational Safety Directive (BetrSichV). They specify container sizes and the full process expected for hazardous goods management, from goods receipt to disposal. These regulations apply both for complete solutions as well as for spray bottles and plunger cans.

When it comes to cleaning tables, you should also keep in mind that they must be placed on generously dimensioned sump trays. Even if the hazardous goods cycle is closed by a sophisticated pump system, you still need to do everything in your power to ensure no liquids can land on floor due to splashing or leaks. Because the products from our product range are mobile, there won't be any problems adding the cleaning table when there is ventilation installed, and you won't need to install a new ventilation system.

Don't forget to store and transport the spare drums with cleaning solution and the drums that are saturated in accordance with the applicable regulations. Accessories for this can also be found in our shop.

Cleaning tables as an bio-version: what is that?

Our bio-cleaning tables allow you to ignore all information on hazardous goods handling – at least for small parts cleaning. The system is based on the activity of micro organisms that decompose oils and greases.

They contain absolutely no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning the cleaner is not classified as a hazardous good. Above all, workshops with modest cleaning requirements and companies that wish to operate particularly sustainably will profit from this.

We are more than happy to advise you on this product range and other products. Of course, replacement cleaning agents and accessories that your workshop might need are also available from us.

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