Cargo restraint straps, fastening straps

We recommend cargo restraint straps and tension straps when securing large loads professionally for transport. The materials, polyester and steel, are resistant to stretching and ageing, and therefore promise that the products' service life will be a long one. Securing your loads now with restraint straps and tension straps!

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    Cargo restraint straps and tension straps – for safe transport

    Wearing a belt is not only mandatory for people. After all, anyone who doesn't secure their goods for transport sufficiently risks having it topple over when driving around the next corner, or sliding straight across the load platform. In the worst case, accidents with severe consequences can occur. Just as well that cargo restraint straps and nets which can withstand great forces are available from kaiserkraft.

    How are cargo restraint straps and tension straps used?

    Cargo restraint straps and tension straps allow you to tie down your load to ensure it remains exactly where it belongs. There are several methods of doing so. Lashing loads down is particularly popular and involves tensioning the cargo restraint strap over the load and affixing it to both sides of the load platform. You can produce sufficient tension using the ratchet on the belt, as it presses the goods for transport down and prevents any slippage. This method works even better when non-slip matting is used as well.

    If there are attachment points provided on the goods for transport, then you might decide for diagonal or slant lashing. In both cases, the strap is fastened directly to the load and to the load platform. Just how many cargo restraint straps are necessary depends on several factors: the weight of the load, its dimensions and the nature of the cargo hold. The load-bearing capacity of the tension belts also plays a key role. If there are any doubts, remember: a strap too many is better than one too few.

    Which types of locks are available for cargo restraint straps?

    Cargo restraint straps are available with different types of locks.

    • Clamping lock: in this case, the strap is pulled through the lock in one direction, while it is blocked in the other direction.

    • Ratchet: by pushing down the lever, you tension the strap. This method allows considerable pretensioning forces to be produced even using short lever ratchets. This is all the more true of long lever ratchets.

    End fittings make attaching tension straps to the side panel or to the load platform easier when they feature tie-down hooks or spring hooks.

    How long can cargo restraint straps be used?

    High-quality cargo restraint straps are very durable when they are protected from damage. This is done, for example, by using edge protection. However, because a mishap can occur despite every caution, an annual inspection of tension straps by an expert is mandated by law. Should this inspection reveal tears, deformations or any other damage, then it's time to replace the old strap with a new one.

    Incidentally, the same applies if the identification label is missing, or is no longer legible. Otherwise, you're risking stiff penalties should the police pull you over.

    How else can goods for transport be fastened in place?

    Instead of using a strap, you can also use a net. Our cargo netting with integrated quick clamps is easy to attach. They represent a practical solution when you need to transport several items on one and the same pallet and want to prevent any small parts from coming loose during the journey.

    Do you have any more questions concerning cargo restraint straps and netting? Just ask us. We're happy to answer your questions about securing cargo, as well as about lifting equipment, lifting chains, lifting straps and our other products that keep everyday work proceeding smoothly.

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