Perforated panel systems

Let's get this system organised – with perforated panel systems. They allow you to make your workplace more organised, quickly and practically. A good solution for space saving and organised storage of work materials, tools and small parts.

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    The vertical organisational principle – perforated panel systems or Tool Storage Boards

    Allow us to call you to order? The perforated panel systems from kaiserkraft give the trades, workshop and industry unrivalled storage modules to use. So simple, so good: a powder coated sheet steel panel with a perforated grid keeps tools within easy reach, or allows products to be presented at eye level. How does it work? A range of brackets and containers secure objects to a matrix of square or round holes on the perforated panel system. And that's what makes it work: easy access to clearly organised work materials increases the productivity of your employees.

    A universe of practical accessories makes perforated panel systems invaluable

    A workbench only becomes a functioning unit in combination with a perforated panel system. At kaiserkraft, there are perforated panels available in different formats up to a length of 2019 millimetres. The concept really excels with its intelligent range of accessories, which are produced to meet specific requirements in production or maintenance. In addition to specially manufactured brackets, for example for a drill or tape dispenser, we offer tool holder sets with up to 74 pieces, which are easy to assemble, in our online shop. There are also clamps, storage hooks, holding pins – we also stock storage containers for small parts or suspension rails for your open fronted storage bins. If you'd like to keep containers for liquids or bulky packages that are frequently used within easy reach of the perforated panel systems: a storage shelf made of sheet steel or a wire basket screwed to the perforated plate – perfect.

    Perforated panel systems as room dividers, perforated panels for mobile workshop equipment

    Configured for use on both sides and easy to extend, our perforated panel partitions provide ideal room dividers. How practical then that there are four RAL colours to choose from to harmonise with wherever you're using the partitions. In addition to a unit that connects to the workbench, we recommend the version for the worktable, especially when it comes to well organised storage of small parts. For mobile use, the perforated panel is ideal for the modular workshop unit. If there's anything that needs to be stored behind closed doors for security reasons, they'll find a place in our tool cupboards. Are you looking for something special? Then contact us. We are here for you and will be happy to advise you.

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