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You will find suitable ladders, steps, stairs and scaffolds for every purpose and every workplace here. And because each and every model and version is non-slip, stable and ergonomic, you will always make a good choice – regardless of what you decide for and why you chose it.

Ladders and steps for safe climbing.

''You need a ladder to work at heights.'' Something that sounds as easy as this can end up being a real challenge. After all, regardless of whether you are using a ladder or scaffolding, certain prerequisites need to be satisfied to ensure the access equipment is safe, and that you are insured in the event of an accident. The following will inform you about what you need to observe when making a purchase.

Which product for which purpose?

To make sure that you really do choose the most suitable product, you can ask a number of questions in advance to make the product search easier.

  1. What is the maximum working height that needs to be reached? How tall the employees are also plays an important role in this context.

  2. How much work material is being carried when working at heights? This is also important for the load bearing capacity and the width of the steps or the working platform.

  3. How much is the load that the ladder, the step or the scaffold has to support? Please note the weight of persons + work materials.

  4. How wide should the product be on the side used for climbing?

  5. Do you carry the climbing aid or transport it in a vehicle often?

  6. Do I need products made of materials that have to be suitable for specific environmental factors such as chemicals, temperatures, electricity?

Don't hesitate to ask these questions of the people who will be using the ladders and scaffolding so that they can feel safe when at work, and are happy with the work equipment you chose.

And speaking of safety: ladders and steps need to undergo testing once a year, during which an examination is made of whether they can continue to be used. Do not forget this test under any circumstances.

The DIN standards for ladders and scaffolding also need to be satisfied during manufacturer for commercial environments: in order to safeguard your operations, and to protect your employees.

Which standards apply for ladders and steps?

  • Portable ladders must comply with EN 131-1 to 4. This includes both lean to ladders and extension ladders, as well as multi-purpose and hinged ladders. Note: From 01/01/2018, the updates to the standard EN 131 Part 1 and 2 come into effect: lean-to ladders with a length of 3 m or more must be equipped with an extension element.

  • Steps must comply with the EN 14183 standard. Steps are portable climbing aids on which the topmost step that can be accessed is a maximum of 1.0 m high.

  • Mobile access towers must comply with EN 1004. This does not include small scaffolds, façade scaffolding or protective scaffolds.

  • Industrial steps, working platforms and gangway systems must comply with EN ISO 14122-1 to 4. They are stationary access points for machines.

  • Stationary, fixed ladders must comply with the standard EN 18799-1 or EN 14094-1. They can be used as both emergency ladders and as access points and transport routes to machines.

Which type of climbing equipment can you purchase from us?

All ladders and scaffolding from our product range corresponds to the standards that apply respectively. We work together with well-known suppliers such as Zarges, MUNK or Hailo, and also have ladders and scaffolding from our performance brand EUROKRAFT for you. This means we only offer you reliable and safe products.

  • Ladders: Along with multi-purpose ladders that you can use as lean to ladders or step ladders, you can also order mobile ladders or ladders with the ergonomic ''ergo-pad'' carrying handle. When ladders need to be transported frequently, then folding and height adjustable models are a potential solution. There are heavy duty ladders suitable for heavy loads.

  • Mobile access towers: Our mobile access towers are small and compact to transport and store. Straightforward fastening mechanisms made the mobile access tower quick to set up. These products are convenient to filter by working height, scaffolding height and platform height.

  • Working platforms: Anyone who works at a height for extended periods feels safer on a wide working platform than on the narrow rungs of a ladder. Our working platforms are available in different lengths and widths, making it easy to work on them.

  • Industrial steps: Our industrial steps ensure you can access workplaces located at heights quickly and will make getting there faster. Whether on a construction site, in incoming goods areas or on machines, our industrial steps ensure you'll get there – and back again – safely.

  • Steps: Sometimes you only need one or two steps to reach something. And that can be done both with folding designer steps for the office and kitchen as well as for sturdy steel steps for the factory and workshop.

Would you like more information?

You'll find it in our shopping guides:

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