Floor scrubbing machines

Everything clean and shiny in one go? This isn't just what the advertisements will lead you to believe – it's what professional floor scrubbers actually do. Of course, you can purchase floor scrubbers and cleaning machines for professional floor care right here in our shop. For more information, simply keep reading!

In the category Floor scrubbing machines we offer you products of the following brands: Sprintus, Kärcher.

Floor scrubbers: caring for flooring has never been easier

How does the idea appeal to you that, from now on, you only have to invest a fraction of the time and effort to get all sorts of floor surfaces spotlessly clean? Does it sound like something that appeals to you? Then it's time to familiarise yourself with floor scrubbers!

What are floor scrubbers?

Floor scrubbers from Kärcher and other top brands can take care of all key elements involved in professional floor care practically in one go:

  • Applying water and cleaning agents to floors

  • Scrubbing floors using a brush or roller

  • Removing the liquid using suction lips

This makes them the ideal alternative to the classic combination of mop and bucket, and allows them to get large floor areas clean and shiny much faster. The cleaning machines are suitable for a wide variety of floors. When using the appropriate care products and machine models, they can even clean sensitive wooden floors such as parquetry better than other method.

If you swap out the cleaning agent for disinfectant, then floor scrubbers can also make an important contribution to industrial hygiene while they're at it. Depending on the device, you can even stop using wet and dry vacuum cleaners for floor care. Take a look whether the floor scrubber is also able to collect coarse dirt and hair.

What different types of floor scrubbers are there?

One major difference is the size of the machine, which affects the mode of operation, surface suitability and the functions provided. You'll find that we have all conventional forms of mobile floor care available:

  • Compact upright vacuum cleaners and large area walk-behind scrubber dryers

  • Cordless, rechargeable battery powered and mains powered versions with a consistently reliable performance

  • Spray extraction cleaners for cleaning floors and upholstery

  • Single disc machines for cleaning all floors (also carpet, marble or parquetry)

Mains powered floor scrubbers offer excellent value for money, and do not require a spare rechargeable battery or need to be recharged. They make an impression with a consistent and reliable performance, but have a limited radius of action and can be a little more complicated to use.

You can use the calculated area coverage in m²/h to determine whether the respective floor scrubber is adequate for the areas that you need to clean. For comparison: a rechargeable battery powered floor scrubber as a compact upright unit offers a calculated area coverage of 200 m²/h, while a large, corded walk-behind scrubber dryer manages 1260 m²/h.

In addition, make a note of the tank sizes for dirty and fresh water – the larger they are, the less often you have to interrupt your work. In terms of smooth running, operating safety and working comfort, all our products are second to none.

Please note: in-person instruction is required for a number of models. If you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of selecting products, please do not hesitate to contact us.