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Where would we be without file shelving units? Probably miserable, because we would spend half our work day looking for folders, documents and files. Fortunately, wasting time like this isn't necessary: our space saving and fully extendable file shelving units provide a space for every important file folder.

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File shelving units: reliable organisation, well considered administration!

A well-organised office can be recognised by the speed with which an employee is able to find important documents. This does, of course, require the right organisational talents. These talents include the flexible file shelving units from kaiserkraft. These assistants not only provide you with benefits when performing administrative activities but for all operations.

How flexible can file shelving units be organised?

Our file shelving units allow you to position the shelves individually at intervals of around 25 mm. A standard A4 folder has a height of 31.8 cm. This allows you to adjust the shelf as exactly to the folder height as possible, and ensure that the space in your shelving system is utilised optimally.

You also have the choice between standard elements and extension elements, or you can choose related products with additional suspension file drawers as fittings. Depending on the floor plan, you will find different shelf widths and heights, ensuring you are equipped for all requirements in relation to space and organisation.

Which advantages does a plug-in system offer when setting up file shelving units?

Office furniture should not only be durable and functional. It should also be easy to assemble and convert. After all, your space requirements can quickly change. These requirements are satisfied by file shelving units with a plug-in system.

You don't need any tools but can assemble the individual parts using the plug connections for a stable and robust result. You only need to keep the tool case on hand for the anti-tip wall bracket.

These connections allow extensions to be added quickly as well. If you'd therefore like to create more storage space for office materials and documents, or would like to give the archive a new structure with filing cabinets and shelving units, a plug connection saves you valuable working time.

By the way: the shelves made of zinc plated steel can also be used in the workshop storeroom for well-organised storage of lighter goods. Shelving units that are accessible from both sides and can, therefore, be set up as free-standing units also pay off here. Thanks to the plug-in system, you can optimally equip buffer storerooms in particular, as they often have to be rearranged and reorganised.

Our employees will be happy to answer any other questions on the subject of file shelving units in person by telephone or e-mail, or using the contact form.

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