Has tramp oil contaminated the materials you use for work? Try and prevent this from happening – the best way to do so is by using an oil skimmer for pure emulsions and dispersions. There are skimmers available here which come with a magnetic base or a base foot. Start reducing your disposal costs and extend the service life of your machines and filter systems! You can find out which product is suitable for you further down the page.

Purchasing oil skimmers: the purity law for industry

Oil should be kept in tanks or engines, and not in your cleaning dispersions or cooling lubricants. Oil skimmers function much like a vacuum conveyor belt and reliably and efficiently extract molecules of oil from liquids. This not only has benefits for everyday operations, but also in the event of a leak.

How does an oil skimmer function?

Belt skimmers consist of a continuous skimmer belt driven by a motor-operated drive roller and a return pulley. The return pulley is immersed in the liquid, after which the skimmer starts up.

Oils and greases floating on top adhere to the belt and are removed from the liquid and transported to a scraper by the rollers. Hose skimmers separate the tramp oils using a hollow endless hose, while a disc skimmer operates using a rotating, adhesive disc and scrapers.


Skimmers are suitable both for machine maintenance and, to a certain extent, for leakage management. When used for machine maintenance, they effectively remove tramp oils from the emulsions and dispersions that are used to keep numerous systems running:

  • Cooling lubricant tanks for industrial tooling machines

  • Processing and chemical baths

  • Ultrasonic cleaners and parts cleaners

  • Purification of process water in industrial systems prior to disposal

Oil skimmers can also be used for waste water treatment, and thereby make management of the circular economy easier. When it comes to leakage management, they are not nearly as effective as absorbent sheeting or absorbent socks. However, they are useful as an improvised tool for very small bodies of water.


A belt skimmer provides a valuable service when it comes to machine maintenance, cooling lubricants and filter systems.

  • Tramp oils are removed from emulsions and dispersions, ensuring they remain efficient to use.

  • Process materials do not need to be disposed of nearly as often.

  • Systems benefit from a longer service life.

  • By limiting the spread of bacteria, they reduce the risk of odours developing.

How do I select the right oil skimmer?

Which skimmer version is the best choice largely depends on the volume of liquid to be skimmed and the performance required. Belt skimmers are, in particular, used in metal processing and the cooling lubricant tanks required for this. As compact and inexpensive devices, they are perfectly suitable for standard tank sizes and also easily manage fluctuating levels of liquid.

We will be happy to help you decide which model is right for you. Simply contact us.