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Better organisation, more space, a better overview – on up to five levels. We're not talking about your new home, but rather your new shelf truck. For the workshop, for example. And just like a spaciously dimensioned home, these mobile helpers also offer everything you for your individual needs, in many sizes, versions and load bearing capacities.

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Shelf trolleys On Wheels: essential all-rounders at all levels

The efficiency of work increases according to the quality of all factors involved. With our shelf trolleys, kaiserkraft is helping you and your employees to do their best work every day – and get the most out of it. When it comes to keeping goods of all kinds mobile, small features make all the difference. Whether serving trolleys, assembly trolleys or variable shelf trolleys, every detail counts when it comes to making work easier and speeding up processes. And all this with a view to safety.

Form follows function: shelf trolleys designed for the respective area of use

The purpose determines the design. During order picking, goods can be easily moved back and forth on smooth, horizontally installed shelves. Individually removed and hooked in at the required height, they can be adapted to suit the size of boxes and packages, for example. Shelves installed on an angle provide a better overview and facilitate access to open small parts containers. And if something should start falling out: a protruding steel edge provides an end stop.

Are you looking for a roll container for use in production? An assembly trolley combines mobility with stability and structure. The powder coated steel construction can withstand all sorts of rough treatment, and when fitted with tray shelves with raised edges, it doesn't matter if the bottle of lubricant falls over from time to time. As you can see, the requirements are as varied as the potential areas of use – and so are the different models of our shelf trolleys.

Whether track and field athlete or heavy transporter – easy handling is safe

Shelf trolleys are the versatile all-rounders that every company needs. Ideal for order picking, practical for temporary storage, perfect for the safe transport of goods. And this is true for everything from building components to office materials. Swivel castors with double stops and fixed castors ensure easy manoeuvrability, even when you have to transport a load of up to 250 kg. And assembling the trolleys, which are delivered as a flat pack, is no problem either. And as the visual icing on the cake, you get to have your shelf trolley in an RAL colour of your choice for a small extra charge. So which model is yours? Talk to us, we will be happy to help you.

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