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A worthwhile investment: assembly trolleys that are easy to use and save space as well. These mobile helpers make your everyday work so much easier. Small parts, consumables and tools are safely stored and will save you unnecessary trips. Not only will your workspace be more organised, but you'll have an easy time finding everything as well.

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Assembly trolleys – the mobile workplace

Walk every time you need a spanner? You don't have to – our assembly trolleys ensure tools, components and other parts are always right where you need them, just like a practical work surface. This brings you benefits not only during assembly.

Three in one: how assembly trolleys function

Assembly trolleys are a means of transport, a workplace and a mobile workbench all in one. In a classic minimalist form, they consist of castors and one or more shelves. Because this is sometimes still too little, you will also find that kaiserkraft has assembly trolleys with drawers, cupboards, perforated walls and other practical extras.

This is how to find the right material trolley

The intended use is decisive for the selection you make:

  • If you use the trolley primarily as a means of transport, for order picking and for work for which you need few resources, streamlined models are a good idea.

  • A combination of worktop and drawer cupboards can be used as a mobile workshop. Ideal for work that requires a lot of tools and/or large volumes of small parts.

  • For solid components, machines and other heavier items, it is best to use our heavy duty trolleys. These combine a low empty weight with a high maximum load capacity.

  • There are also trolleys for special applications, for example for clean rooms.

It is also worth taking a look at what might seem to be small details. Height-adjustable worktops, for example, contribute to an ergonomic workplace, and sump trays prevent liquids from escaping. Apart from that, our trolleys are available in a range of sizes and with panels made of different materials – from inexpensive MDF panels to boards made of highly resilient plastic and phenolic plywood.

What about the castors?

Most of our assembly trolleys have solid rubber castors. They make little-noise and are easy to manoeuvre. Polyurethane castors are perfect for sensitive, level flooring. Alternatives to them are plastic castors, or good old pneumatic tyres.

Do you already own a assembly trolley, but it is one that doesn't roll properly anymore? We'll get it going again. Simply browse through our large range of swivel castors and fixed castors.

The assembly trolley you want is not (yet) available?

I'm sure we can work something out. After all, we at kaiserkraft are specialists for custom-made products. Of course, this applies not only to assembly trolleys, but also to other transport equipment and trolleys and many other products for your business equipment. Just contact us. Together we will ensure ideal working conditions.

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