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Staff Room Furniture

Do you want your employees to feel at home? Would you like to make a particularly good impression when meeting customers and business associates? Do you place value on style and quality? Then you're in good hands in our staff room furniture and furnishings category. Organise your cloakrooms, recreation rooms and business rooms however you desire!
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Whether it's chill-out lounges with massage chairs or a games room with gaming consoles: there's now a real competition among companies to see which one has the hippest and most creative work environments to offer. But don't worry – you don't have to keep up with the competition. Simply knowing that the most efficient meetings aren't always held in the conference room, but rather in the kitchenette instead, is a good start – after all, the best ideas don't usually occur to you at your desk, and instead come to mind when you're able to treat yourself to a bit of time out. During your lunch break, for example, in the break room. Or to put it differently: if you still haven't put much thought into the topic of staff room furnishings, then you're making a big mistake!


To put it concisely: all shared rooms or recreational rooms in companies and in public authorities. Everything from the room for staff on standby in hospitals to the changing rooms in production companies and the break room in the office. For visitors, customers and employees. For taking a rest, for looking after yourself, for preparing for work and finishing up a shift and so on and so forth…


There's quite a few of them! The obligation to furnish break rooms depends, for example, on the number of employees in the company – or on how high the potential health risk is due to noise, heat or the use of hazardous substances. Please obtain detailed information before planning something new, for example by looking up the workplace regulations. Or simply ask us!


With extensive advisory services and great products – for example, for the following areas:

  • Changing rooms: Regardless of whether your visitor just wants to take their jacket off, or needs to don a hazmat suit for safety reasons – our coat racks, cloakroom benches or entrance matting means we have the right product for every occasion. Of course, you won't want to go without our lockers and clothes lockers, for example ones made by Quipo or Eurokraft.

  • Break rooms and recreation rooms: Of course, chairs and tables might, in theory, be enough to equip a break room. But wouldn't it be much nicer, and much more comfortable, if you'd add a few artificial plants, for example, including cover pots and vases. You're employees will be more motivated when they return from the lunch breaks, we promise... But don't forget to clock back in with our clocks and time recording devices.

  • Showers, toilers and other sanitary facilities: These staff room facilities might not be such a hot topic of conversation, however they are extremely important – you can find out more in the washroom equipment and wet room matting categories.

  • First aid: From the first aid cabinet to the first aid room couch – being perfectly prepared for an emergency won't ever do you harm.


General recommendations are difficult to make. Yet at the same time, staff rooms are generally places that are used frequently, and in which many different people meet up. You should, therefore, pay attention to high quality, durable materials which are easy to take care of – because then it won't matter if someone upsets a cup of coffee. And while we're on the topic: you'll also find we have cleaning agents and waste bins as well.

Hygiene is also an important topic, in particular when it comes to changing rooms and bathrooms. And never forget: while functionality is extremely important, the furnishings can, by all means, look good too. After all, you'll now know where the best ideas are thought up in your company – but only when everyone feels at ease.

And where can you obtain further information?

In our shopping guide to ''First Aid''. Of course, our Service Overview also allows you to obtain information about what else we can do for you apart from the products we offer – did you know, for example, that we offer a free-of-charge CAD planning service for staff room furnishings?

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