Water wipers and cleaning utensils for windows, floors and all other surfaces for the business and industry are available right here in the shop. Once other cleaning aids have the done their job, water wipers add the finishing touch: use them to make everything shine like new!

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Water wipers: a simple wipe is all it takes

Use water to clean and then wipe it up again: squeegees for floors, windows and all smooth surfaces make industrial cleaning child's play. Of course, our professional water wipers can go the extra mile in comparison to standard household products. How do we arrive at this conclusion? A simple wipe is all it takes for a clean result.

Water wipers and floor squeegees: what's the difference?

There is a fundamental difference between wiping and squeegeeing – as cleaning utensils demonstrate:

  • Water wipers with a silicone lip aren't just useful utensils when cleaning windows. They also make tiles shine, or any other smooth surfaces for that matter. Water wipers can be moved in any direction, collecting liquids in the process. This principle also applies when they are used as a floor squeegee – they clean and dry in one go.

  • If you are dealing with larger floor areas, floor squeegees with handles are the more effective choice. Much like a broom, they push liquid in front of them, allowing it to be moved to a drain or collection point efficiently in one go, without leaving any residue. This allows you to clean large industrial halls faster than by scrubbing the floor and then removing leftover water.

What do I need to pay attention to when using a water wiper?

A suitable bucket is essential for cleaning off water wipers in regular intervals, and you'll need to have cleaning agents at hand. The bucket should be able to accommodate the entire squeegee – this is why the typical models for window cleaning aren't as deep, and are square in shape.

The silicone lip must be checked and replaced regularly. Brittle or damaged silicone no longer moves water uniformly – and the squeegee stops being as effective. Products with replaceable cartridges are an efficient choice.

To avoid cross contamination, use colour coded water wipers and floor squeegees for different areas of the company: for tiled backsplashes in sanitary facilities and toilets, the squeegees are red; for washrooms, yellow is the established standard. In the kitchen, you use green, while windows in administrative areas are cleaned with blue water wipers.

Important: once you decide to use a colour code, all cleaning utensils for one and the same area must exhibit the same colour and should be stored, cleaned and maintained separately.

We are happy to help you put together efficient cleaning trolleys with all the necessary utensils. In addition, we will be happy to give you tips on hygiene in the office or on cleanliness and tidiness at the workplace. What's more, we are available in person to answer any questions you might have – simply contact us.