Modular aluminium profile systems

Quick assembly: Modular aluminium profile systems allow you to equip your company individually. And if you no longer need your trolley or shelf, it can be disassembled just as quickly. Take a look at our offer for yourself!

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Modular aluminium profile systems – products made to the modular principle

Many parts form a whole and sometimes it is better to assemble the parts yourself. This can be done in no time with our modular systems. You can extend the finished unit flexibly, and disassemble it again.

The advantages of modular systems

kaiserkraft has platform trolleys available fully assembled in a range of designs and sizes. Why is it nonetheless a good idea to order your new trolley as a modular system? Because it keeps you flexible. Whether a new bracket, additional castors or a third level: modular aluminium profile systems allow you to convert and upgrade your trolley at any time.

If you do not need it for an extended period, simply disassemble it. This saves space and storage costs. The same applies to transport. After all, many parts can be transported more easily and cost-effectively than a large unit. An advantage from which you can benefit over and over again if you need your trolley at different locations.

This is how quickly modular aluminium profile systems can be assembled

Don't be afraid of time-consuming measuring, cutting and screwing work. All this is unnecessary when assembling our modular systems. All you need for installation is an Allen key, and we supply this for you. Pre-assembled parts make the work even easier. This ensures your trolley or shelf can be assembled and disassembled faster than your children's Lego castle.

Important properties of the finished products

Not only during assembly, but also afterwards, our modular systems score points due to their many good properties, for example their material. Aluminium is wonderfully light and yet robust. The load bearing capacity of finished trolleys or shelves totals up to 500 kg. This makes them ideal for storing and transporting heavy loads. Ready-assembled modular systems from kaiserkraft also make a good impression visually.

Would you like to configure your individual shelf unit? No problem with our wide range of individual aluminium profile components. Whether tubular profiles, castors, connectors or other components, we can provide you with everything you need for conversions, repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

Any questions? We would be pleased to inform you about our modular aluminium profile systems and their properties.

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