Dog poop bag dispensers

For clean green spaces: dog poop bag dispensers are a practical addition to your outdoor areas. They offer dog owners the opportunity to collect their pet’s business and also dispose of it there and then – because dog toilets combine a dog bag dispenser and dog poop bin into one unit. Discover the range of models in the online shop at kaiserkraft and help avoid nasty surprises!

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Dog poop bag dispensers: for more cleanliness

Whether in parks, public squares or along streets: dog poop bag dispensers ensure more cleanliness. They enable owners to dispose of their dog’s waste properly – even if they forgot to bring dog poop bags with them. This is how dog poop bag dispensers help keep parks and other public spaces clean.

What types of dog poop bag dispensers are there?

You’ll find that kaiserkraft stocks dog poop bag dispensers in two basic functional designs: as a simple dog poop bag dispenser, and as a dog toilet.

A dog poop bag dispenser for securing to a wall or post is suitable in places where there are already sufficient waste bins around it. This model requires little space and also blends in harmoniously with its surroundings.

A dog toilet is particularly practical as an all-in-one item of equipment: it consists of a dog poop bag dispenser and a dog poop bin for the used bags. This system makes disposal especially practical.

Purchasing a dog poop bag dispenser: which aspects matter most?

Dog toilets should be placed in a clearly visible spot in an outdoor area. If you would like to equip a park with dog poop bag dispensers, they should be placed at entrances and exits, where paths cross and at very busy dog runs or off-leash dog parks. This ensures they are highly visible while providing a gentle reminder at the same time to keep public spaces clean.

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