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Are you looking for a trailer that allows you to transport even the heaviest of loads? You've already found it. We have the best solution for every transport job – for many different loads and load dimensions.

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Industrial trailers and heavy duty trailers: traction for transporting loads

If the family car is not large enough for the holiday luggage, use a heavy duty trailer. And what if the load is too much for a stacker or pallet truck? Exactly. You will find a wide range of trailers at kaiserkraft to ensure effective transport of large and heavy loads.

Which trailers do we have to offer?

In principle, our trailers come in two categories:

  • Trailers

  • Heavy goods trailers

The key difference is the maximum load capacity. A heavy goods trailer allows up to 50 tons to be transported.

We also offer trailers with turntable steering and with linked Ackerman steering, with a small or large platform and a range of different castors. In addition, your trailer can be supplied complete with side panels, wheel stops and other accessories on request. Wheel chocks prevent the trailers from rolling away.

How do you find the perfect trailer for your requirements?

By asking yourself what you intend to use the trailer for:

  • How large and heavy are the loads that you intend to transport?

  • On which surface will the trailer be moving?

  • With which vehicle would you like to use it?

For heavy loads, you will need heavy goods trailers with a high maximum load capacity, while you can protect fragile goods by using solid rubber tyres, and when space is tight, a small turning radius is recommended.

Do you need a trailer that has been specifically customised to cater to your requirements? No problem. Just contact us. You can purchase custom made models for almost any requirement from kaiserkraft.

What are trailers and heavy goods trailers suitable for?

Let's get the one thing they are not suitable for out of the way: the family holiday. However, they are real all-rounders when it comes to transporting loads from one place to another within the company. Whether containers, machines or boxes, our trailers provide plenty of room for different items. Simply couple the trailer to the tow truck or stacker and start towing.

And if one isn't enough? Then link up several of them in a row. This is also the ideal procedure if you wish to unload the goods at different locations. Even travelling short distances by road isn't a problem, as we can help you out with packages to ensure compliance with the Road Traffic Act and make your trailer fit for public roadways.

A few tips to finish up

There is strength in serenity. This also applies for every trip made with a trailer. If you are driving faster than a speed of 6 km/h, the specified maximum load capacity decreases, and therefore the level of safety as well. This is why it is better not to accelerate and to ensure that the load is adequately secured, for example by using tension straps or cargo netting.

You can find both of these items in our shop, along with a wide range of transport equipment and accessories, from fork lift trucks to pallets.

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