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It's almost the same every year: snow. What do you need for this, again and again, year in, year out? Good site maintenance – in the form of scattering material, scatter trucks and scattering material containers. Once organised, then the clearing can start. Should the winter arrive with a vengeance – no problem, we also have large volume salt spreaders on offer.

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Winter equipment, salt spreaders and grit: are you fit for the slippery season?

Even when the winter was showing restraint in some parts of the country over the last few years, snow, ice and the risk of slipping usually arise more quickly than the weather forecast might suggest. As a company, you are then obliged to set up a winter service that, in terms of safety, leaves nothing to chance. Good for those who have equipped themselves with salt spreaders, grit containers and grit. Find out more here:

For which areas are the company responsible for providing winter protection?

Areas that belong to the company, such as outdoor areas, are not the only areas where you need to provide a winter service. So too do driveways and public paths and roads immediately around your company premises need to be taken care of. While the so-called duty of care is usually the responsibility of the local council, they may pass this on to the local residents.

This is why it is always a good idea to inform yourself about just how far your area of responsibility extends, and this before the first snowflakes fall. Otherwise, you may be at risk of exorbitant claims for compensation made by persons who have suffered an accident that – at least from your perspective – occurred at quite a large distance away from your company grounds. Take precautions now – with grit spreaders, grit containers and the right type of grit!

Which rules apply to companies in relation to winter service?

Many aspects of company safety are defined in detail by law. When it comes to winter service, this is not the case – there is no generally valid legislation. However, numerous verdicts passed in courtrooms have established a standard that you are well advised to observe. Furthermore, winter service on company premises is a component of the technical rules for workplaces (ASR), covered under the section of traffic routes.

In principle, the rules and verdicts determine that you, as the company, must do everything in your power to minimise the potential for accidents:

  • The obligation to clear snow and to scatter grit does not simply apply from 7 am to 8 pm (private), but instead is determined by the circumstances of the business. Snow must have been cleared and grit scattered one hour before the first visitor/supplier/customer/employee arrives.

  • This applies for all traffic routes that are driven on, walked on and otherwise used as such.

  • You have the right to ignore individual areas as long as you provide an alternative that is as safe, and logical, as possible.

  • Clarify responsibilities for winter service in advance!

  • Install your grit containers and other aids used for scattering where they are easy to reach and ready for use at several places spread across the grounds.

  • Your duty of care does not end at the entrance. You also need to minimise the risk of accidents there, for example by providing entrance matting.

Grit containers made of fibreglass reinforced plastic (GRP) have proved to be particularly reliable. We have even compiled our own purchasing guide to the topic. Our salt spreaders will make work easier for you in extensive outdoor areas. And of course we also have suitable grit available for your winter service!

Which other factors do I need to observe for more safety in winter?

It is not only snow and ice that present an increased risk of accidents in winter. Even just fallen leaves and rain can present a danger of slipping over. This means you should clear leaves with the same diligence as you would the snow.

Furthermore, keeping traffic on and to the grounds as safe as possible is important. You can, for example, try using mirrors suitable for use in winter in spots that are difficult to see into.

Additionally, snow and ice are not just a danger on the ground. Clear roofs from snow loads and ensure that benches and tables don't present a risk of accidents.

The winter season can easily become a challenge when you're making efforts to keep your company safe. We're happy to help you with this task – by providing advice on the phone and with an extensive range of products. Discover our salt spreaders, grit containers and grit now!

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