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It's almost the same every year: snow. What do you need for this, again and again, year in, year out? Good site maintenance – in the form of scattering material, scatter trucks and scattering material containers. Once organised, then the clearing can start. Should the winter arrive with a vengeance – no problem, we also have large volume salt spreaders on offer.

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Winter equipment – to keep the business safe

Providing winter service is mandatory for businesses – because it represents a key aspect of maintaining employee safety. You also protect suppliers and customers by clearing access roads. Road salt is kept ready for use in grit containers, and salt spreaders allow you to ensure it is efficiently scattered. Smaller, handy models ensure good winter service in smaller areas – salt spreader trailers, on the other hand, allow you to grit larger areas in no time.

Winter service: obligatory for companies

The following applies for companies: in the immediate areas of the company such as outdoor facilities, clearing and gritting is mandatory. The company’s winter service is also responsible for driveways and public paths and roads around the company premises. If you’re not sure which winter service obligations you need to meet right outside your company premises, then it’s best to contact the local authorities. They will be able to tell you exactly where your obligation to clear snow and ice starts – and you will enjoy legal certainty.

Which rules apply to winter service for companies?

Many aspects of occupational health and safety are precisely defined by law. In the case of winter service, however, there are no uniform legal specifications. Nevertheless, there is a duty to ensure the safety of traffic on the company’s immediate premises. In Germany, for example, this is a component of the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR) under the section about Traffic Routes. The following points sum up the exact requirements this creates for you:

  • At least one hour before the first visitor, supplier, customer or employee arrives, the company premises must be cleared and gritted. This is particularly easy when you use snow ploughs for forklift trucks.

  • All traffic routes that are frequently used – whether for vehicles or pedestrians – must also have grit spread on them. A salt spreader trailer for commercial vehicles allows you to make even larger areas safe efficiently.

  • Always set up grit containers and tools such as snow shovels and salt spreaders within easy reach and ready for use at neuralgic locations within the premises.

  • There’s also entrance matting to keep your company’s entrance areas safe and minimise the risk of anyone slipping.

Grit containers made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) have proved particularly effective for winter service. We have compiled more information on this material in our purchasing guide to GRP grit containers. You can also purchase the grit that you’ll need from us.

Practical extras for winter equipment

On driveways and paths, traffic mirrors suitable for use in winter also help ensure safe traffic conditions on the company premises. They also make it easier to gain an overview of areas that are difficult to navigate. In addition, snow shovels and the like can be used to keep shelters free of snow. This will prevent large amounts of snow from presenting a risk of accidents.

Do you have any questions about winter equipment for your business or would you like advice on which salt spreaders, grit containers and types of grit to use? Then simply contact us – our friendly service team will be happy to help you!

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