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Safety containers for storage of hazardous goods
Safety containers must be employed in hazardous goods handling for storage, transport and dispensing. The hazardous goods containers not only play a central role in laboratories and scientific institutes, but are also used for industrial applications. Hazardous goods can only be safely stored and transported in safety containers intended for this purpose. Dispensing containers and transport cans protect employees, the environment and the company from a fire risk. Above all, safety containers feature these properties due to their practical and necessary functions. Corrosive solvents, flammable and aggressive liquids and acids and alkaline solutions can wreak havoc when they are not stored, transported and dispensed safely. Safety containers are therefore usually equipped with an automatic self locking mechanism, a flame guard in the dispenser opening, an automatically activated pressure relief valve and stickers to identify the hazardous substance stored inside. This ensures nothing can escape, very few vapours can be emitted and the hazardous goods containers cannot burst. Safety disposal containers can also be used for removal of cleaning materials that have been saturated with flammable and water hazardous liquids, such as thinners and adhesives.

Safety containers in different sizes and colours
Safety containers for flammable liquids, acids and alkaline solutions are usually comprised of polyethylene, stainless steel or sheet steel, because these materials are particularly durable when using these kinds of hazardous substance. Rust free and robust stainless steel in hazardous goods handling provide particularly good services. Safety containers should always be labelled in compliance with regulations, which is why stickers are usually included with the delivery. The transport cans can not only be marked by used written labels, but also by using colour codes allocated to specific liquids and substances. Safety containers made of sheet steel and polyethylene are available in the webshop in yellow power coating or in read. Should you require other colours, then please contact us by telephone or send us a product enquiry. The safety containers are available in different sizes. The fill level can total 1 litre or 20 litres, as, for example, may be required for a safety canister. Functional additional fittings such as the fine dosage tap, the dispensing lever or the PTFE seal with a screw cap are often supplied together with the safety containers. Additional features like this make the transport containers easier to handle and make their use easier. PTFE is a fluoroplastic that is resistant to the highest of temperatures and almost all chemicals, and therefore underscores the high safety level of the products. Never leave safety at your company to chance, but rather rely on good, high quality products. Most safety containers in our online shop come with a 5 year, and some even with a 10 year, guarantee.

Safety containers

Nomen est omen: safety containers and transport containers ensure that hazardous liquids and hazardous goods can be safely and securely transported on public and in-house traffic routes and that flammable and corrosive liquids, as well as acids and alkaline solutions, can be stored, dosed and disposed of safely.
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JUSTRITE - Cleaning and immersion container
sheet steel, zinc plated and painted
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Laboratory safety disposal can
made of stainless steel
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Dispensing and transport can
with precise dispensing spout
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JUSTRITE - Safety container
steel, with flexible metal hose
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21 items found
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