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Good friends won’t cut you off, in contrast to high quality materials: cutting tools work their way precisely through materials both soft and hard – as saws, cutters, knives or scissors.

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    Cutting tools: ensuring every cut is perfect!

    Both in relationships and in the trades, the following is true: a clean break saves a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, our high quality cutting tools won’t help with relationships. They will, however, do a perfect job in industry, trade and the office. After all, we offer the right tool for every cut.

    What can I work on with cutting tools?

    When it comes to cutting, scissors, cutters and knives are everywhere. Universal models cut their way through everything from paper to textiles, and cut up plastics or help shape leather.

    For harder materials such as metal or wood, you’ll need more power and high quality blades. We offer these in snips, hand saws or workshop shears.

    Our cutting tools combine powerful blades with insulated handles for work being done on cables and electrical systems. This protects the user from any surprise jolts during work.

    Our hand tools will also have you perfectly equipped to tackle branches and pipes. Pruning and garden shears as well as pipe cutters feature a ''beak'' that adapts to the curve of the material. They provide a perfect amount of leverage when cutting through the workpiece.

    What do I need to observe when buying cutting tools?

    You want to cut, not crush: the shears and tools function best when the blade shape perfectly matches the type of material and the shape of the material.

    This allows you to transfer your force to the substrate with pinpoint accuracy and cut through the material cleanly, without cracking or damaging it. This reduces material waste, error rates and the need for rework.

    A sharp blade – whatever shape it exhibits – is, of course, the most important factor of all. You can obtain replacement blades for cutters from us, as well as saw blades or hooked blades. Regular resharpening is essential for fixed blades.

    What is the best way to clean cutting tools?

    Hand tools used in industry, trades and handicrafts cannot be cleaned with soap and water. That’s why we offer you a range of industrial cleaning agents that allow you to remove residues safely and without damage. Do you have any other questions or are you looking for a special cutting tool? Please feel free to contact us!