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Label makers & guillotines – office machines definitely make our every day work easier. Just two or three movements is all it takes to get what needs to be done out of the way: labelling, cutting, punching holes, laminating and so forth... Discover the full range of practical everyday office tools right here.

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Office machines – guillotines and labelling machines

Do you sometimes find yourself yearning to return to simpler times, when office work didn't involve computers, smartphones and similar digital devices? In any case, you should make sure you take our office machines along with you in the time machine. A guillotine means you won't have to spend time snipping documents and photos to size with scissors once you've arrived in the past. And don't forget to take a labelling device along with you as well.

Guillotines and labelling devices: cut photos, paper and films exactly to size

Whether large quantities of documents, individual large-format digital print-outs or plastic and metal films: guillotines from KAISER+KRAFT ensure they are cut exactly to size with clean edges. And they are child's play to operate. Extensive safety guards ensure that you won't lose your fingertips.

This leaves the question of which item of office equipment is the right one for you. The differences start with the cutting length. For oversized formats, we recommend a cutting table with legs. The cutting height indicates whether the machine can process individual sheets, or big piles, in one operation. The same applies when you wish to shape harder materials such as cardboard or thin sheets of metal. Roll cutters are well suited to producing precise cuts in individual sheets or photos.

Label witers for an organised office

Writing on labels by hand is a task that most people are happy to pass on to others. Just as well that the labelling devices from KAISER+KRAFT take care of the job for you. And to ensure that the result looks exactly the way you imagined it, different font sizes and fonts are available to choose from. And if you'd like an even more individual finish, then simply connect the machine to your tablet.

In the event that the time machine has a little room to spare, then we'd like to recommend our document shredders, laminators and air purifiers. After all, feeling comfortable at work is something that you can appreciate in any day and age.

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