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Modern machines for the office make many jobs easier
The use of office machines has become a matter of course in today's offices. Office machines provide plenty of help and support for all sorts of work tasks. The range of office machines from the individual suppliers is impressively large. Technical support is available for virtually every task. The quality of documents, presentation materials and organisation systems can be increased and they become more durable. Using office equipment is almost obligatory to prevent a loss of face when dealing with business partners and customers. Whether you use a calculator or a labelling device doesn't matter – modern production techniques produce high performance devices that can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. When it comes to office machines, both their functionality and the right price-performance ratio are important. Along with inexpensive offers, there are more cost intensive versions and models of office machinery, whereby weighing up whether cost and benefits are in proportion when buying more inexpensive devices is recommended.

Advantages of office machines
Going without using office machines is not exactly sensible when trying to complete certain tasks. A document shredder, for example, makes satisfying data protection laws much easier, as they ensure that personal and confidential data can be destroyed beyond recognition. Good equipment features, and different versions of the office devices, ensure they can be used for all different activities, whereby every machine is particularly suited for a certain job. Laminating devices allow important documents to be protected and make them look better, while labelling devices help to maintain order. Guillotines, for example, allow all types of paper to be cut while saving time compared to scissors or other cutting devices used for a straight cut. Roll cutters can also be used to cut any number of small rolls out of the parent roll. Important work flows can be made easier using the office machines from KAISER+KRAFT and allow time to be saved for the jobs as well. The choice of different models ensures you can find the most suitable device for virtually every application area.

Office machines

Document shredders, laminating devices, guillotines – office machines definitely make our every day work easier. Just two or three movements is all it takes to get what needs to be done out of the way: labelling, cutting, punching holes, laminating and so forth... Discover the full range of practical everyday office tools right here.
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DYMO - Labelling device
LabelManager 420 P
Ex. VAT 137,50
DYMO - Labelling device
LabelManager 280
Ex. VAT 76,90
DYMO - Labelling device
LabelManager 500 TS
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT 538,00
IDEAL - Roll cutter
max. cutting depth 0.8 mm
Ex. VAT from 208,00
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting length 800 mm
Ex. VAT 1.045,00
Ex. VAT 263,00
Ex. VAT 362,00
DYMO - Labelling device
LabelManager 210 D
Ex. VAT 48,00
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting capacity 15 sheets
Ex. VAT from 71,50
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting length 1100 mm
Ex. VAT 1.425,00
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting length 350 mm, manual clamping
Ex. VAT 108,90
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting length 350 mm, automatic clamping, with EASY-LIFT
Ex. VAT 163,90
IDEAL - Guillotine
cutting length 460 mm
Ex. VAT 252,00
Ex. VAT 658,00
Ex. VAT 714,00
16 items found
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