To keep air circulating and to regulate the temperature: fans provide a pleasant, cool flow of air indoors at your company. They are mostly used on hot days, however these devices are also a smart choice in winter. This is because large wall fans or pedestal fans recirculate the warm air that has accumulated at the top of a room back towards the floor. Discover a large range of floor, ceiling and desk cooling fans at kaiserkraft!

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Cooling fans to regulate the indoor temperature

When heat starts building up in the office in summer, a fan gets the air moving and provides pleasant relief. Large fans, which are available as different models, can also be used in large facilities such as production areas to ensure that the air flow reaches every last corner. High output devices are also suitable for large rooms – after all, they feature an operating range of up to eight metres.

How does a fan function?

Fans provide relief from the heat without actually cooling the air down. In fact, the impellers in the devices just set the air in motion, however this suffices to provide a cooling effect. The effect can be compared to a headwind when cycling. What’s more, the gentle flow of air allows sweat on the skin to evaporate more quickly and reduces the sensation of warmth.

Differences between pedestal, desk and wall cooling fans

There are different fan models available for different areas of use. The right model is selected on the basis of both suitability of size, and the location at which the device will be set up.

  • Pedestal fans: pedestal fans generate a powerful flow of air with a large operating range. This makes them suitable for extensive indoor spaces such as production areas or open plan offices.

  • Floor fans: powerful floor fans also provide effective relief from the heat in large rooms. Their practical size and a carrying handle also mean they can be moved around and set up in different places.

  • Desk fans: desk fans are ideal for providing direct relief from the heat at individual workplaces within the office. They set air in motion over a shorter distance and provide a gentle cooling effect. Simply position the fans on a desk or a window sill, and adjust the angle of the fan to suit requirements. This means you can guide the flow of air in a direction that caters perfectly to your needs.

  • Wall fans: fans that can be mounted on the wall are a practical supplement to your office equipment, as they set the air in a room in motion without taking up valuable floor space. Using the corresponding remote control, you can even operate the devices from the comfort of your workplace.

Features and advantages of fans

From stainless steel to aluminium – fans are available in all sorts of different materials. Featuring sleek designs and colour schemes, they harmonise with any room décor in a visually appealing way. Most devices have several settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of the air flow according to your needs and the requirements of the respective place of use.

Integrated overheating protection ensures that a pedestal fan remains safe to use even at high temperatures and when operating at a high output. The high quality models are also quiet, which ensures they don’t become an annoyance at work. Because fans consume less power than an air conditioner, they are also an affordable alternative to the latter.

If you would like more information about the range available, please contact us. Our friendly service team will be happy to assist you to choose suitable fans.

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