Shelving for drums, tyre shelving units

Just where should all the tyres, drums or small containers be stored? Normal shelving units aren't right for the job. Quite the contrary: you need shelving for specialised goods! And this is what you'll find here. Tray shelving units, tyre shelving units, drum shelving units, small container shelving units – our special shelving units are the perfect place to store specialised goods.

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Shelving for specialised goods and tyre shelving units: no fuss necessary!

Not all goods are as easy to store and sort as crates or pallets are. Some products require additional safety and a particular frame construction for very specific dimensions and properties. Our shelving for specialised goods satisfy strict requirements for handling hazardous substances and solve many a storage problem without creating a fuss – as is the case, for example, for the tyre issue.

Which shelving units are there for specialised goods?

Tyre shelving units are a perfectly designed solution for vehicle workshops and garages. You can store car tyres and rims on these special shelving units without damaging the material, and in a well-sorted and, above all, safe manner. Wobbly stacks of tyres are now a thing of the past. You have the choice between different models, which you can extend to suit your requirements.

You will also find a range of tray shelving and drum shelving units, something which is indispensable for storing hazardous substances in shelving units safely. Tray shelving units prevent any incidents from occurring and stop messes being made by leaking liquids. Drum or small container shelving units satisfy the special occupational safety requirement, which exists for both storage systems.

What do shelving units provide for hazardous goods handling?

Tanks, bins and drums that are certified for the storage of hazardous liquids in shelving units must be secured appropriately. There are shelving units with special racks for this, which can hold individual drums horizontally or vertically, all while ensuring it is safe to remove liquids from the drum at the same time.

It is also essential to have suitable sump trays, which must contain any escaping liquids when refilling or storing them. They are either supplied complete with the respective shelving unit or can be ordered separately from us to match the dimensions of the shelving units.

The majority of our shelving for specialised goods can be selected as models for drums or small containers. The model for small containers features the mandatory grate required as a storage area. Of course, all small container and drum shelving units are made of materials that are suitably safe. They have been tested and certified for flammable liquids in GHS categories 1 to 3, or for water hazardous liquids in GHS categories 1 to 4. More detailed information can be found on the respective product page.

You will also find that we have other products for spillage management and the safe handling of hazardous substances at work as well. Please feel free to ask us your questions in person.

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