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Smooth running and thorough: push along sweepers are an efficient alternative to brooms. From highly manoeuvrable sweeping machines for indoor use to powerful models with a motor for outdoor use: the push along sweepers from kaiserkraft allow you to clean even larger areas in no time at all.

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Push along sweepers: useful aids when cleaning

Effective aids when it comes to cleaning: push along sweepers reliably remove dirt both fine and coarse. Compared to a broom, a battery powered or motorised sweeping machine offers a wider range of functions. This makes the machines a real asset for industrial cleaning activities. After all, you only have to guide the machine across the factory floor or outdoor area in straight lines – to clean even extensive areas quickly and efficiently.

The special positioning of the rotating brushes reliably picks up the dirt, depositing it into a collection container. Depending on the model, this will have a capacity of up to 50 litres. Some sweeping machines are also equipped with a suction device. This allows you to clean even more thoroughly. We explain the special features of the brush rotation in our guide to principles of sweeping and the tandem roller principle.

The advantages of sweeping machines

Large areas can be cleaned efficiently and effectively using a push along sweeper. Different surfaces won’t cause any problems – because many models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The rotation of the brushes means a sweeping machine picks up dirt that typically use manual equipment just doesn’t manage to remove. This includes:

  • Dry and wet foliage as well as green leaves in outdoor areas

  • Beverage cans, paper or similar bulky items next to waste bins

  • Fine dusts that should not be whirled up

The push along sweepers from our online shop feature quiet operation and good manoeuvrability. If the model has a suction unit, it is much wider than a classic vacuum cleaner for the floor. This allows it to hone in on and pick up any bulky objects, and ensures that the sweeping machine can used on the company premises in all sorts of different ways.

For which types of ground are different sweeping machines suitable?

Most of the push along sweepers in our product range are designed for hard floors both indoors and outdoors. You will find detailed information on the suitability in the respective data sheet. You will find sweeping machines that are operated manually or by motor. There are also some special models for those quick cleans in between:

  • Electric brooms: the household classic that has been upgraded by adding a motor. This compact device is an effective aid for cleaning smaller interior spaces and carpeted floors.

  • Classic push along sweepers: suitable for manageable areas and smaller amounts of dirt, manual versions make for an efficient solution.

  • Vacuum sweepers: they clean particularly thoroughly. They are also particularly suitable for large areas and environments with a lot of dust on the floor such as a stable or a sawmill.

What matters most when choosing sweeping machines?

When making a choice, it is important to know where the sweeping machine will be used. Compact, manual push along sweepers are ready for use at all times. They are particularly easy to manoeuvre and are suitable for cleaning narrow aisles, such as ones in warehouses. In large areas, on the other hand, motorised models are essential, as they clean quickly and efficiently. In addition to choosing between a manual model or a sweeping machine with a motor, the following factors are also important:

  1. The sweeping width is determined by the number, positioning and design of the brushes. The larger the sweeping width, the faster you are able to clean large areas.

  2. The working and walking speed that is possible while maintaining optimum cleaning results is decisive for efficient cleaning processes.

  3. To determine the efficiency of a sweeping machine, also take a look at the calculated sweeping capacity per hour in the specifications. This is the product of motor power, sweeping width and the number of brushes.

Are you still unsure which push along sweeper can easily manage the cleaning jobs that need doing at your business? Our friendly service team will be happy to assist you with your selection. We can also help you find other cleaning and sanitary requirements. Get in touch with us!

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