Industrial chairs

A table. A chair. We've made a workplace! But only if you work with professionals. With us, for example, We have the right furniture for you in our product range, meaning chairs and tables that are both good looking and good for your back.


Are you looking for a workforce to serve you reliably? We'd have a few new talents for you. They're happy to work every day, tirelessly doing their job any time of day or night that you require. Their good background means they provide an ideal combination of flexibility and command centre, workstation and a haven of peace all rolled into one. They'll also ensure that you maintain your stance in any situation that may arise. Our work chairs and tables are key players in any work environment.

Yet despite all this versatility, not every chair or table is equally suited to every job. This is why you can obtain generalists from us, as well as specialists, experts for working at a monitor and for production areas. And we're more than happy to advise you on recruitment.

Ergonomic chairs : healthy seating promotes productivity

Ergonomic work chairs are like having a good physiotherapist. They'll help you to relax when you're working, keep your body and spirit in top form, and help prevent any pain. Ultimately, they'll also give your productivity a boost. This is because employees with ergonomic seating feel comfortable when they're at work, and that pays off. Do they need special treatment? Ergonomic swivel chairs will gently help straighten out a worn-out back. Is maximum mobility required? Anti fatigue stools and stools will give you the leeway you need. Our purchasing guide to ''Healthy sitting in the office'' tells you all about the most important aspects, and which chair is the right one for which person.

A good chair is, therefore, half the rent. Together with the right table, they form a dream team. An electrically height adjustable desk, for example, can assume exactly the right stance for whatever work lands on it.

Time for a break? Treat your body and soul to some fresh air. Cosy corner seating units and benches for outside areas are specialists for rest and relaxation.

Work chairs and tables: seating with a concept

You can't see the forest for all the trees? We can offer you more than just the individual components you need to furnish your premises. We'll also help you with the job as a whole. Our purchasing guide to guidelines for workstation equipment will provide you with an overview of legal regulations governing the configuration of workplaces.

Or simply use the free-of-charge CAD planning service offered by KAISER+KRAFT to configure an office where everything fits together. Our Office conversion project gives you an idea of what this might involve.

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