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Ear protection, including hearing protection plugs, earmuffs, or models designed specifically for industry and craftsmanship, is an asset for occupational safety. You can find various hearing protection options in the online shop of kaiserkraft.

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Hearing protection: safeguarding your employees

Hearing protection is paramount for workplace safety. As outlined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, employers are mandated to furnish employees with appropriate ear protection whenever noise levels surpass 85 dB.

Depending on the noise exposure, various variants are available. They reduce noise while keeping important alarm signals audible. From low-noise hearing protection plugs for office settings to high-noise hearing protection for industry and craftsmanship, discover what matters when making your selection.

What types of ear protection are available?

When the limit of 85 dB is reached or exceeded, ear protection must be worn. Different types of ear protection are recommended based on the noise intensity at the workplace:

Construction worker ear protection: For consistently noisy workplaces such as construction sites or workshops, disposable foam ear protection plugs are recommended. These fit deep into the ear canal and can be worn for several hours.
Industrial ear protection: In an industrial production environment, low-noise ear protection is typically sufficient. Disposable foam plugs provide good speech perception and are suitable for extended wear. You can also find reusable models with a practical cord.
Ear protection earmuffs: In a noisy environment with dirt and dust, earmuffs are the appropriate choice. Unlike plugs, they go over the ears. Earmuffs can be quickly put on and removed and are suitable for short-term noise exposure. They are also compatible with head protection, such as industrial safety helmets.

All types of ear protection have in common that they reduce the sound level. The so-called SNR value tells you by how much on average. The rule is that the louder the environment, the higher the SNR value should be. The goal of ear protection is to achieve a residual sound level at the ear of 70 to 80 dB because excessive noise reduction can lead to communication issues at work.

If you have questions about ear protection, please contact us. Our friendly customer service team is here to assist you. We can also help you select other products for occupational safety, such as eye protection, head protection, or breathing masks.

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