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For professional carpentry: electric sanders and planers make working with wood easier. While an orbital sander makes the surface of this natural material smoother, a planer removes the surface layer by layer. Discover the range of products available in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

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Sanders and planers: for efficient carpentry

Wood is a timeless material. Electric sanders and planers in professional quality make woodwork easy and efficient. The latest models let you smooth the surface of the wood in no time.

What is the difference between planing and sanding?

Sanders and planers smooth the surface of wood and ensure an appealing natural finish. They also get the wood ready for the application of varnishes or protective coatings. Even though the result is similar, the two power tools for woodworking exhibit different modes of operation.

Sanders work with a grained sanding disc that, depending on the grit, roughens the wood and removes it in small particles. The easy to handle power tool is precise and also suitable for small surfaces. Sanders prepare the wood for oils, varnishes and other coatings – because sanded pieces of wood absorb them better.

Electric planers, on the other hand, remove the surface from a piece of wood layer by layer. This gives planed surfaces an attractive shine and smooth feel without any further treatment. Planers are also suitable for removing layers of old varnish efficiently. This is the usual way they are used for larger pieces of wood.

What matters most when choosing sanders?

If it’s corners or edges that you’d like to make smoother, then an orbital sander is an ideal choice. The reason: the oscillating motion of the grinding disc only removes a little material. A random orbital sander, on the other hand, has a higher removal rate due to the rotating motion of the round grinding disc. It is suitable for sanding larger surfaces.

Professional sanders and planers usually don’t come with a rechargeable battery, as their output needs to remain constant. When deciding which device to purchase, have a think about which purpose the sanders and planers are designed for. Different models will be suitable depending on the material you are working on, the average surface size, and the shape of the workpieces. The sanding discs need to be suitable for the device.

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