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When it comes to work tools, organisation is half the job. Tool box trolleys provide a solution for the second half, which is storage. Workshop trolleys for tools can be wheeled around easily, offering a simple, accessible storage solution for all your important tools.

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Tool box trolleys for workshops and other workspaces

The more steps your employees need to take in order to get to their tool box and access their set of tools, the longer it takes for them to complete even the simplest of tasks. Tool chests and cabinets are the practical solution for this problem, designed to optimise work processes and ensure a perfectly-equipped workplace, which can be easily adapted to suit your unique requirements.

Use workshop trolleys to store tools safely and keep them mobile

Tool box trolleys are handy whenever the work assignment has not been standardised or in instances where many different tools or components are needed. This applies to all repair and servicing tasks you may perform in a car workshop.

When servicing a car or vehicle, your staff are required to move around and work in numerous positions. Tool chests can be moved at the same time thanks to smooth-running castors, which are designed to be easy to transport.

Using drawers and inserts for tool box trolleys

Professional tool kits are available within our range in a variety of versions, some with shadow boards, which can be directly placed in the drawers of the workshop trolleys. With fully extendable drawers, your employees will be able to find the tool they need immediately and your workplace will always be well-organised.

With individual drawer dividers or inserts, you can also organise the tool box trolley according to your own requirements and add other frequently required accessories to the tool trolley.

Assembly trolleys with add-on perforated panels are perfectly equipped to ensure easy access and all-important organisation. These models can also be optimised for the respective job, with corresponding holders and individually adjustable shelves.

Tool box trolleys provide absolute freedom to configure and organise tools as you see fit, using different modules, which can be easily added. They also offer the advantage of allowing every employee to optimally organise his or her workplace with the corresponding inserts, supports and panels himself or herself – only a few simple steps are needed to do this again and again.

Important things to consider when buying tool chests for your business

Number of tool box trolley drawers

If you need to store some tools, but not a lot, then we have tool trolleys with only two drawers. For more storage, then we have three, four, five, and six drawer options.

Maximum load of the workshop trolley

Some workshop trolleys are more capable of carrying heavy loads than others. The maximum load capacity ranges from 150 kg to 250 kg. You’ll need to bear the maximum drawer load, too.

Additional features

Within our range, we have tool trolleys with a wide variety of extra features to suit your individual needs. For added security, we have tool cabinets with locks; for safety, we have ESD options; and for convenience, we have workshop trolleys with pull handles.

Aesthetic features of your tool cabinet

Although the appearance of your tool box trolley may not be at the top of your priority list, it’s reassuring to know that we have options in a wide range of colours and designs.

Why choose kaiserkraft workshop trolleys?

We’re proud to say that we put our customers first, ensuring you receive the best quality goods at affordable prices. Our tool box trolleys are made using the highest quality materials, with a wide variety to choose from. Here, you're guaranteed to find the best tool cabinets for your business.

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