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Perfectly prepared for the emergency – with our products for first aid. From eye rinsing bottle sets to first aid cabinets, from medicine cabinets to stretchers, from first aid cases to emergency cabinets... our range has everything you need to make your first aid equipment perfect.

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Office First aid equipment always ready to hand

All-encompassing first aid equipment is one of the basic and important things that must be available in every company. In principle, first aid material should be available quickly and easily at any time and should be replenished after use. The scope of equipment required depends on the number of employees and the type of operation. Read the first aid purchasing guide to learn more about the number of first aid kits you need.

Office First aid kits require safe storage

Both the small first aid kits according to DIN 13157 and the large kits according to DIN 13169 are used in companies. In addition to storing the contents in first aid cases or first aid boxes, special first aid cabinets offer a safe storage location. Coming in different sizes and with the possibility to store additional medicines and other medical equipment, they reliably protect your first aid items from harmful environmental influences such as direct sunlight or moisture.

Other useful equipment options in the first aid area

First aid room couches are a useful addition to the social room furnishings. Weakened employees can rest, injured people are cared for or can wait for the ambulance. If the patients can no longer walk themselves, they are transported on a stretcher. Eye showers or body safety showers supplement the emergency equipment, especially in companies where hazardous substances are used. In our guide to eye wash bottles you will find further useful tips and information on the subject.

To ensure that the first aid material can be found quickly everywhere in the company, the corresponding emergency cases, boxes or cabinets must be set up and marked in a visible manner. Whether with a white cross on a green background or in signal red, kaiserkraft offers you high-quality and practical first aid equipment for all areas! You can also read our guide to first aid.

Enlighten employees, avoid accidents!

First aid is often deployed when occupational safety has not been properly observed. Inform your employees about all dangers and in particular about the avoidance of dangers immediately when they enter your company.

When should you conduct safety briefings?

  • At least once a year as a refresher

  • With recruitment into a company

  • When transferring to another workplace

  • Due to events or incidents

  • When unsafe situations are detected

Avoid accidents – with protective work clothing

Accidents happen, but with the right protective clothing they can be avoided. Here in our shop you will find work gloves, work protective clothing, respiratory protection, eye protection, head protection, hearing protection and safety shoes.

Where to put old first aid kits or expired products?

Of course, old first aid kits should no longer be used in serious accidents because gloves can be porous, gauze no longer elastic or plasters non-sterile. But don't forget to donate your old first aid kit! Instead of being thrown in the rubbish bin, your old first aid kit will end up with associations that offer, for example, first aid courses – expired products are a great help here!

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