Load balancers, also known as spring, lift or tool balancers, are designed to hold, lift and move tools and materials easily, making them weightless during use. Use them to suspend items from an overhead line or connect to a fitting in your workplace. Explore our range, which includes industrial tool balancers in a wide range of load capacities, with varying cable travel lengths.

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    The benefits of using load balancers

    There are many reasons why you should choose to use spring balancers in your workplace. Above all, they are extremely straightforward and bring many benefits – for you and your workforce.

    Ergonomic work

    Working ergonomically minimises risk to physical health and wellbeing in the workplace. Spring balancers aid your workforce, providing a much safer way to hold, lift and move with ease whilst working in assembly or on conveyor belts. When used correctly, load balancers put a stop to unnecessary physical contortions during assembly work and reduce the weight of tools, avoiding strain on the body and preventing fatigue.

    Fewer disruptions

    With industrial tool balancers, tools are kept within close reach, making it easier to complete tasks quickly and make for a more productive workforce in your workplace.

    Organisation in the workplace

    Busy work environments are difficult to keep clean and tidy. Organisation is key and tool balancers can help you. Tools are automatically returned to their starting positions, putting a stop to long periods of time tidying up.

    Increased safety

    Working on assembly for hours on end can be tiresome and concentration can slip. Load balancers, however, increase safety, preventing tools from dropping on your employees’ feet. Some spring balancers are available with a fall arrester, which will prevent items and tools from dropping should the spring break. Overall, load balancers are great for preventing injuries in the workplace and keeping important, expensive tools safe from damage.

    More convenience

    Our range of load balancers can be easily assembled and disassembled quickly, providing important convenience – something every busy workplace needs. They’re there, whenever you need them.

    Here are some other ways industrial tool balancers can help you and your workforce:

    • Allows for weightless operation of tools

    • Increases comfort and decreases fatigue for operators

    • Increases productivity over time

    • Can be easily adjusted with an integrated tensioner

    How load balancers work

    A lift balancer or retriever is comprised of a cable drum fitted with a spring. It features a suspension mechanism at the top, with a spring hook attached to the end of the cable, which is designed to suspend loads. This design gives you the option of keeping tools, such as screwdrivers, suspended at the right height, so you can easily pull them down when you need them. When you let go of the tool, it automatically returns to its starting position when a standard load balancer is being used.

    This works a little differently when the lift balancer features a conical drum, which keeps the load suspended, even after letting go. Load balancers with a locking function are another option, which can be used to keep tools in place in the air – ideal for working for prolonged periods when precision is required.

    Important criteria for choosing the right load balancers for your workplace

    A key consideration of spring balancers is their load-bearing capacity. Basic tool balancers can hold loads weighing up to 14 kg. On the other hand, there are load balancers that are capable of holding tools, which are considerably heavier.

    The length of the cable also plays an important role. When making your choice, think about which height you wish to attach the balancer at and which movements your employees make during work, as well as how much room they may need to manoeuvre.

    Within our range, you can also choose load balancers with and without a locking function and fall arrester. If you're undecided about which lift balancer is best suited for your requirements, then we’re happy to help. Our team can help you choose the right option for your business, as well as advise on any other lifting and load securing devices, including cable winches and hoists.