Start the changeover now – to ergonomic workplaces that use balancers. Do you want to know what the advantages are? Your employees will lift and move workpieces and work materials in no time at all, without requiring physical effort and therefore without putting their health at risk. Start comparing balancers now!

Balancers – work without hurting your back

Working ergonomically means minimising any risks to your physical well-being. Balancers from KAISER+KRAFT will ensure this is the case when working in assembly and on conveyor belts.

This is how balancers function

A balancer, or a retriever, is comprised of a cable drum fitted with a spring. It features a suspension mechanism at the top, and a spring hook from which you can suspend loads is attached to the end of the cable. This gives you the option of keeping tools such as screwdrivers suspended at the right height, pulling them down towards you when you need them. When you let go of the tool, it automatically returns to its starting position – at least when a standard balancer is being used.

This functions differently when the balancer features a conical drum. This keeps the load suspended even after letting go. And if you decide on a balancer with a locking function, you can keep your tools in place in the air – ideal for working for prolonged periods when precision is required.

This is how balancers make work easier

The advantages of tool balancers are as varied as the principle they are based on is straightforward:

  • Ergonomic work: balancers spare any unnecessary physical contortions during assembly work, and reduce the weight of tools. This allows you to avoid straining one side of your body and also helps prevent fatigue.

  • No disruptions to work: when everything needed is kept within reach, work proceeds more quickly and more productively.

  • Organised workplace: put an end to long periods spent tidying up. A balancer automatically returns the tool to its starting position.

  • More safety: when doing assembly work for hours, it's easy to lose your grip on a tool. Balancers prevent it from dropping on your employees' feet, and models with a fall arrester won't fall down should the spring break. This helps prevent injuries, and keeps expensive tools safe.

Our balancers can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, depending on where you require them.

Important criteria for selecting balancers

A key property of balancers is their load-bearing capacity. Basic balancers can hold loads weighing up to 14 kilograms, while there are also balancers that are suitable for tools that are considerably heavier. The length of the cable also plays an important role. When making your choice, think about which height you wish to attach the balancer at and which movements your employees make during work, or how much room to manoeuvre they require respectively.

After all, you can purchase balancers from KAISER+KRAFT with and without a locking function and fall arrester. If you're undecided about which balancer is best suited for your requirements, then you're best asking us. We're happy to help you with choosing other lifting devices as well, from electric chain hoists to cable winches and even cranes.

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