Heavy duty shelving units

Our heavy duty shelving units never feel over-burdened. With uprights, cross beams and shelf levels, not only are standard stored goods perfectly stowed, but also heavy-duty items benefit from correct and secure storage.

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Heavy-duty shelving units take everything lightly – especially high weight

Even light goods quickly add up to high loads, which become a literal test of a normal shelf unit. Heavy-duty shelving units accept this challenge easily and are therefore an indispensable component in modern warehouse logistics. This means that you are also optimally prepared for future freight volumes.

What defines heavy-duty shelving units and when do you need them?

Our heavy-duty shelving units are characterised by stable production from steel and particularly high shelf loads. The individual shelves can carry a weight of well over 1000 kilograms (kg). The products in our standard range are designed for shelf loads of up to 1500 kg.

This makes it possible to keep either heavy individual goods or large quantities of goods safely and easily at hand in the warehouse. Especially for pallets and other large containers, heavy-duty shelving units are indispensable.

Who is allowed to set up heavy duty shelving units and how does this work?

Many of the heavy-duty shelving units in our range can be easily adapted to your storage equipment requirements. The simple plug-in system ensures fast assembly and conversion, which your employees can carry out themselves. Basic and add-on elements make it easy for you to expand or reorganise the storage area as required.

When are normal shelving units not enough?

Always use heavy-duty shelving units in buffer storerooms or workshop warehouses and wherever high load capacities are required for your stored goods. This also applies if you are currently working with lighter goods – because this can change quickly.

Heavy-duty shelving meets high requirements in terms of stability and safety and is therefore virtually without alternative in foresighted warehousing.

How often do I have to check heavy duty shelving units?

The HSE stipulates an annual shelving unit inspection in accordance with SEMA. This inspection of various structural and safety-relevant aspects may be carried out by a qualified employee of your company.

If you have any other questions about our product range, you can, as always, contact us in person.

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