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For a better organised office: filing systems are a clever solution when sorting important documents and papers that need to be archived. From turning rotary filing systems to lockable cupboards and sorting shelf units: discover the selection of filing systems available in the webshop of kaiserkraft!

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Desk organisation: stop searching, and start finding.

Whether the organisation system you've been using to date really functions in the office is something you'll notice at the latest when a tax audit or the annual statement is coming up. If your employees are running around panic-stricken looking for some order slip or another, then it's time to rethink your filing system and to order the corresponding sorting systems from kaiserkraft. However, even well-thought-out information logistics will tip the scales in favour of problem-free daily workflow organisation.

Why is organisation so important in the office?

Even if digitalisation is now in full swing, there's still a lot of paper being pushed around the office on a daily basis – and it retains all of its significance as a source of information. This paper, which comes in the form of files, documents, order slips and similar records, needs to be available at exactly the right time for exactly the right employee.

If this isn't the case, then an order might end up begin lost because the colleague responsible for it was unable to find all the documents. Or you'll double up on work because the employee didn't know that the relevant documents already exist.

In principle, desktop organisers and the sorting principle they are based on satisfying the most important prerequisites for perfect workflow organisation. Each employee knows what needs to be done. Each employee will find all relevant documents in one assigned place. Those in positions of responsibility can maintain an overview of active processes and orders and can develop weekly plans accordingly, which, in turn, are immediately visible to all employees concerned.

Which organisation systems are suitable for what?

You'll find filing systems for the office product area at kaiserkraft, along with sorting systems for warehouses, workshops or the production area. You can also use them as flexible as your business requires – even if certain products are, inherently, best suited for use in a specific environment:

  • Sorting boards and workshop planners are part of planning and sharing information when active processes and orders need to be completed. For example, they can be used to sort order descriptions or order lists by employees and days of the week – and can be organised on several levels at the same time.

  • Mail distributors save you the time otherwise needed for delivering letters and parcels directly to the recipient, while organisation and sorting stations for the office or workshop will put an end to the chaos created by all the odds and ends.

  • Typical office information recorded in files is both well sorted, easily and directly accessible, when placed in rotary filing systems.

How do I set up a well-organised office?

At the latest, once you've ordered new office accessories from kaiserkraft, you should take a critical look at the filing system you have been using to date. The question you need to answer is: will employee X always be able to find information Y?

You shouldn't limit yourself to examining information with general relevance, for example, the type recorded in files or during the weekly planning, but also take a look at your employees' desks: Do they have sorting systems so that each employee can organise their tasks easily?

The sorting system is a structure that has evolved over time in most offices and is used to pass on implied knowledge. This usually comes back to bite you when long-serving employees stop sharing information with the new ones. This is why every compartment of the filing system should be clearly labelled at all times – and colour coding should be used for files or specific departments and colleagues to keep things clearly organised.

Ultimately, what's also important is to examine the place that a specific source of information is stored: can everyone access their mail, regardless of the shift system? Do all employees concerned have access to the order files or do they have to wait until the secretary's office is staffed? Do you know where the office supplies are stored and do you have access to them?

kaiserkraft can offer the right product as the answer to all these questions. And if there's any way we can help you make your choice, please feel free to contact us.

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